Vioxx: Too Risky for Merck Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Once the decision was bad, such as Merck solutions for launching and supporting painkiller Vioxx, it is easy to criticize. However, the result of poor performance is a good solution, which turned out to be lucky, or they are decisions that a bad result could have been foreseen? This case of pharmaceutical company Merck Vioxx product from initial design to launch and subsequent withdrawal, and believes that the decisions taken at each stage of Merck executives involved. The case concludes by examining the financial impact of the Vioxx withdrawal of the company and the value of shares of Merck. "Hide
by Mitchell A. Petersen, Rashmi Singhal Source: Kellogg School Management 23 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2007. Prod. #: KEL289-PDF-ENG

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