Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic Case Study Solution 

  • Camila Colon with 32% for intake and 45% for surgery.
  • Nieves Moraleswith 17% for intake and 32% for surgery.
  • FilipaAvelino with 27% for intake and 38% for surgery.
  • Gabriela Herrera with 12% for intake and 23% for surgery.
  • This led to a total yield loss of 88% for intake and 138% for surgery.

It could be seen that Camila Colon’s call’s data shows a greater margin for patients who don’t while  Gabriela Herrera shows a minimum from all other PSR. Julia examined that Gabriela Herrera provides less margins of  the patients who don’t show up, regardless of working for the same number of hours as others.

Julia’ PSRs have made efforts through calling the patient, to know the reason why they are reluctant to come to the clinic after an appointment. The case exhibits 3a and 3b represent the reasons why the patients refuse to visit the clinic. Julia and her team made efforts to minimize these reasons, in order to increase the number of patients.

Under the supervision of Julia, Clear eye clinic’s team has made some adjustment in their working hours, along with the expansion of the working days. The team suggested Julia that second option is profitable, and there is an increasing number of people awaiting to become the member of this clinic. Julia hired some new employees for improving the services provided to patients. Julia also started offering training sessions to the newly hired employees as well as the existing staff. She also increased the working days up to six days a week, along with increased working hours. This strategy has helped Julia in minimizing the number of patients who don’t show up to the clinic after the appointments by 50%. This has ultimately increased the total number of patients by 26%.

Table-2: Patients Percentage Increased

Total patient intake 8056
Total number of surgery patients 5283
Patients that doesn't show 2773
Reduced 50% of no shown patients for surgery 1387
Increase 50% number of surgical patients 6670
Total % increased 26%


The following calculation has been made by considering 26% increase in the number of patients. These changes are reflected in the improved process flow of Clear-eye Clinic.

Table-3: Change Calculations for Revised Process Flow

% Increase or Decrease Come Not Come
Old 78% 22%
New 98% 11%
Old 72% 28%
New 91% 14%
Insured Cash
Old 30% 47%
New 15% 24%


Staff Training

Connors compensates her medical staff as well as the operational staff better than the market compensations, which has resulted in lower staff turnover and high morale as well as an efficient patient-management system. Connor should develop an interactive training program for her staff, which shouldn’t just include clear eyes vision and mission, facilities and clinical procedures, but should also make an inclusion of the customer service for patient’s increased number as well as increased satisfaction.


Julia is recommended to adopt the second option, because it is less expensive and requires just training for her staff, along with the need of increasing the number of staff. Corner should implement option 1, which is to expand the clinical hours but in a wiser manner, which could be done through increasing the initial working hours by 30 minutes and then by 1 hour. She should hire few more staff member so that the work pressure can be minimized, and in order to keep the employees motivated; she should announce bonus for the employees who would work beyond their current working hours. She can also expand the clinic’s  operations through increasing the number of rooms in her clinic’s building..............

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