We Are the Mall Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

We Are the Mall Case Study Solution

Part 3:Deliverables

On the basis of the above evaluation, it is recommended to Svetlana that she would have to discontinue Class B and C. The reason behind this underlying decision, the discontinuation of Class B and C is that the revenues and the profits of both classes have declined in an average of 5.3% and 39.2% respectively. Due to the harsh declining in profits and revenues have also impact on the stock prices which resulting in declining in the market value of the company. If the company shut down its stores and more emphases in Class A then the company would enable itself to generate more profit, however, closing of Class B and C would also reduce the overhead cost of the company. Additionally, the company would also enable itself to invest in digital marketing and online stores and provide new sources to shop its products.

Along with the closing of Class B and C, Svetlana could also bring some changes in her management process in order to perform more effectively. In order to increase the performance and profitability of each company’s brand, Svetlana should need to introduce the individual performance based reward and incentives which would enable the employees and managers to work more efficiently and to set and achieve the high sales target which ultimately improves the revenues and profitability of each brand.

Furthermore, the managers of each brand would develop bi annually plans in order to forecast the consumer taste and fashion trend more effectively. The managers should set the targets of each individual on a weekly or monthly basis for the purpose of monitoring the performance to ensure that each individual performs efficiently and efficiently. Moreover, Svetlana would have to allocate the capital among each brand according to the size and revenues generation ability of the brands such as women wardrobe has generated high revenues so it might require higher capital allocation.

The changes in the management process improve transparency, efficient resource allocation and improve the performance of individuals which ultimately resulting in an increase in the overall company’s performance.

Part 4: Best Practices

In order to redesign its business model, the company would have to undertake some of the best practices in order to succeed in the future. For implementing the digital marketing strategy, the company must set clear goals and identify the best possible way to implement it. The company would also need to analyze the effect of implementing a strategy on profitability, customer relationship, sales, and brand awareness. Moreover, the company needs to analyze the best practices through which website or channels of the company might be used in order to implement its strategy in a successful manner. Stay updated towards efficient networking is also an important part under which the digital strategy would be implemented.

Developing an individual compensation plan and rewards would enable the company to improve its performance. For rewards, each upper level manager and supervisor must monitor the performance of the employees in order to eliminate the factor of bisness during measuring the efficiency.

The bi annual budget would enable the company to allocate its budget more efficiently. By implementing the bi annuals budget system practices, the company would be able to analyses the seasonality trend and the expenses of the different seasons more effectively.

Exhibit-1: VRIO Analysis

Resources Valuable Rare Imitate Organization Competitive Advantage
Human resources Yes Yes No Yes Strong competitive Advantage
Market position Yes Yes Challenging Yes Strong competitive Advantage
Awareness of Brand Yes Yes No Yes Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Financial Resources Yes No Compatible with all rivals No Temporary Competitive Advantage


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