Water Co Customer Information and Billing System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Water Co Customer Information and Billing System Case Study Solution

Alternative solutions

  1. Launching CIBS in stages

The company instead of launching the project in one go should proceed step by step rather than putting it altogether. As it will divide the burden the company is facing currently. The large scale projects are often face with multiple issues and require sufficient time to deliver its services properly. So instead of launching the entire project the company should first focus on the development of customer information system software i.e. the management and the collection of data and then gradually shift its focus on the billing system and lastly on the third party interfaces. As it will ensure the smooth functioning of the entire system.


  • It will benefit the company by minimizing the risk of failure as a whole by developing and in implementing the project in stages.
  • Step by step implementation of the project will allow the testing at each stage and will help in avoiding the repetition of the process.


  • An additional time will be require to plan things accordingly which will further delay the implementation of the project.
  • There is a probability that it will further increase the cost associated with the project, making the project more costly.
  1. Hiring project manager

The company will hire an experienced manager who will track down all the proceeding, cost, budgets associated with the project to avoid any further delays and to keep the cost and deadline of each project in control.


  • It will ensure the timely completion of each task within the budget assigned by the company.
  • It will help in keeping the accountability of each of the project member and will help in identifying the issues that lead to delays and increase cost.
  • It will provide the project with the technical expertise and guidance that was previously lacking in the project.


  • It will be difficult for the company to find an experience individual with in a limited period of time who can efficiently control and manage all the issues associated with the project.
  • As the manager will be incorporated from the middle of the project it will be difficult for him to deliver the project in a successful manner.


Looking at the difficulties being faced by the company during the implementation of the project it is recommended that the company should choose the second alternative that is the company instead of launching the entire system in one go it should launched the project into different stages as it will benefit the company by encountering the issues and concerns arising at each stage before the implementation of the entire project.

Therefore it is recommended that the company should launch the project in staggered manner as it will save the company from facing any loss that it might incurs if it decides to launch the project as a whole and would face issue upon its launch. Furthermore it will provide the company to operate in a better manner, by improving the operational efficiencies as projected by the company.


The company is facing many unresolved technical issues due to which the date of launch was deferred beyond September 2012.  It occurred due to the lack of accountability and transparency regarding the issues being faced by the company.  No proper reporting was done or asked by the government to explain the reasons for the delay in the project. After analyzing the situation of the company it is in the best interest, that the company should divide the implementation of the project in various stages as it will help the company in overcoming the inefficiencies that is being currently faced.................


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