EIUs ViewsWire: New Wine in a New Bottle Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In an effort to adopt a new technology to create a web presence, EIU found that one of its competitive advantages was its own intranet and databases - effectively its own body of knowledge. While EIU ended up creating a new product, ViewsWire, which some in the organization to speculate on the fact the new genre. Neither service cables or traditional publishing, if it works it will fall somewhere between the newsletters and information services between the publisher and consulting. This case focuses on the opportunities that network technologies underlying the Web provides and the impact on the internal processes of integration of the company intranet with its distribution platform through the Internet. "Hide
by Ali F. Farhoomand, Peter Lovelock Source: University of Hong Kong, 20 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2000. Prod. #: HKU071-PDF-ENG

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EIUs ViewsWire: New Wine in a New Bottle

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