Washington Mutual (B): From Forty-Six to Sixteen Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2004, Washington Mutual (WaMu) has been touted in the business press as one of the most customer-focused, innovative and user-friendly for the community, loyal employees, and shareholder enrichment retail banks in the United States. Its shares were $ 46.18 in May 2006, almost 60% more than in 2001. The Director-General Kerry Killinger was lionized. By the end of 2008, however, WaMu shares had fallen to 16 cents, he became infamous as the largest bank failure in U.S. history. Based on publicly available literature, it undermines the documents focus on customers, excessive risk-taking in the subprime mortgage allegedly unethical pressure on mortgage officers to approve bad credit, general manager attempts to keep his job, and eventually cease CEO, sales in chase, and the destruction of all the shareholders. Taking into account the formula (A) WaMu case documents for success, (B) If the problem readers to discover the seeds of destruction in the company's management, culture, incentives and human resource management and practices. Death WaMu has some hard lessons about the dangers of success and pride. "Hide
by Robert D. Dewar Source: Kellogg School Management 11 pages. Publication Date: October 22, 2009. Prod. #: KEL433-PDF-ENG

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Washington Mutual (B): From Forty-Six to Sixteen

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