Walmart Sustainability Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Walmart is a United States based Retail Corporation that has been operating a chain of discounted departmental stores and warehouse. The company is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton is the founder of the company who started Walmart in 1962. The company has more than 11,000 stores and it has been operating in more than 28 countries.

The company has over 2.2 million associates worldwide, out of which 1.3 million operate from the United States. It is one of the largest private employers in the United States and Canada. For the fiscal year beginning in 2015, the sales of Walmart have increased by 1.9% and have reached to $482.2 billion. The company has returned $7.2 billion to the shareholders as dividends and the repurchase of shares. Walmart is ranked as the number one company in Fortune 500 list as per 2014 edition.

It is the largest company in terms of revenue. As per the research conducted in 2015, the company has approximately 2.2 million employees worldwide.  The market capitalization for Walmart in the year 2014 has been $231.8 billion. The dividend yield has been 2.72. The principal products for the company have been the electronic items that are being sold by the company more often and has been generating maximum amount of sales for the company.

The major service that has made the company become the most successful retailer in the world has been the everyday low prices it has been offering to the customers. The overall business model of the company is to ensure that the customers are provided products and services that are cheaply priced. The company has been constantly looking for innovations, which have made Walmart a successful corporation.

Overview of Walmart Sustainability Report

The element of environmental sustainability has been the essential ingredient in performing business responsibility and also successfully. Since Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, therefore the actions of the company have the potential to rather save the customers from paying excessive money.

The company also ensures a rather improved world for the coming generations. Along with this, the company is becoming more financially stable and developing a responsible Walmart. The decision of the company is aspired from three inspirational strategies.

      Energy: supplied by 100% renewable energy

      Waste: Generate 0 waste

      Products: Sell products that are sustainable and environmental friendly.

The first sustainability report of Walmart was issues back in 2007. The major focus of the sustainability report back than was quite similar to the current mission. The report is comprised on 94 pages, as compared to the sustainability report today which is of 146 pages in 2015.

The external verification was used in the first report also as it has been used in the year 2015. The company has been quite committed and focused on its initial targets where the firm has been quite eager to become a sustainable firm in the global retail market.

The company has been quite keen to focus on the sustainability in the future also. The management of Walmart has made ample efforts to increase the efforts and has made ample financial investment to overcome the issue of energy emission and waste management. Moreover, in the past five years or so a large amount of financial revenues have been spent upon the sustainability. Walmart has been spending 24% of its total revenues upon the sustainability efforts.

The major problem for the company has been the issue of waste management. Walmart has been quite keen to focus on waste management. Moreover, the element of women empowerment has also been an area, which the company has been looking focus in the environment.

The official sustainability report of the company Walmart has been issued in 2014 where the major contents of the report have been upon the involvement of the company in different environmental friendly activities. The major focus of the firm has been upon the decision making where the decision the company has taken is regarding the employee empowerment and their safety. Walmart has been using Global Reporting Index (GRI) for its sustainability actions the company has been looking to look after. The GRI has been a significant factor which has involved all the information that has been a necessity for the firm.

Walmart has been committed and progressing to achieve the key goals where it shall cover the energy, the products, the waste and the overall initiative of women empowerment. The company is focused upon the hunger relief and the healthier food also. The company is actively involved in the sustainability objectives not only in the United States but also in the international market..........................

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