Wall Street’s First Panic (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the early 1790's, a flood of just issued private and public securities sparked an investment boom in the nascent USA. As the center of the securities trade of the city, the bustling commercial district along Wall Street emerged in New York. Some of the many Americans drawn into the mainly unregulated and frenetic securities market was William Duer, who finally became a leading player on the Street. As it turned out, nevertheless, Duer's financial dealings proved unsustainable, and his financial fall helped to bring the securities boom to a halt.

Facing public outrage along with the new legal constraints, the top agents of New York had to decide whether a new system for securities trading was needed and, if so, what it should look like.

Wall Street's First Panic (A) Case Study Solution

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Wall Street’s First Panic (A)

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