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Wachovia Bank and Trsut

Case Solution

Problem Decision

He is responsible for scheduling the part time and full time workers in order to maximize the operations efficiency by minimizing number and associated cost with the operators.

Different forecasting techniques are used in order to determine the demand for 67th week. The management of the company is considering which method is useful and providing better estimates in order to forecast the staffing needs. Therefore, careful analysis should be performed as the bank’s profitability and customers’ satisfaction is associated with this forecast.

Factors to consider during Forecasting

Forecasting is an important segment of the business as it is used to predict the future needs of the business. Therefore, forecasting is equally important for the company as it is important for over al industry. There are many factors, which need to be considered while performing forecasting activities. Previous business performance is the excellent predictor of the future needs, therefore the current and past trends should be considered while performing forecasting techniques.

Sometimes current data is not sufficient as the market becomes more volatile and there is a continuous change in the market conditions, therefore industry trends and market conditions should be analyzed while performing forecasting techniques.
Moreover, the business goals are also major determining factors while forecasting manpower, therefore while performing forecasting the business goals should be analyzed which the company is looking for downsizing or considering to hire more manpower.

If the business is facing economic problems and trying to save money then the expected profitability and budget considerations should also be analyzed while performing forecasting.


There are many forecasting methods available that could be used for the purpose of forecasting. Three methods have been indicated by the management of the company that could be used in order to estimate the forecasts for 67th week. The calculations for each of the forecasting methods are as follows:

Simple Forecast

The first forecasting technique which is proposed by the management of the company is the simple method through which demand of the 67th week for proof volumes could be forecasted by taking the demand of the last week. It is expected that following this method forecast for 67th week would be equal to the number of the volume in week 66 which are 931.4 checks therefore, this also means that if this forecast holds true then the current number of the full time and the part time employees of total 36 would remain same.However,this forecast is not seasonally adjusted, hence by adjusting seasonal index the forecast could be different.

Long run Forecast

The second method which has been used by the managers is the use of estimates of the predecessors of Mr. Mebane’s in order to forecast the demand for 67th week.It is expected that this forecast is based on the experience of the predecessors. Predecessors use this forecast in order to identify staffing needs and in order to identify the demand for next week.

Based upon the predecessor’s estimates the number of forecasted checks is730, which is typical de-seasonalized volume and it is based upon past experiences. While based upon the simple forecasting and historical data basis,it is clear that actual demand in last week is 931.4 however, if the management of the company uses this predecessor’s forecast, which is 730, then the management of the company’s forecast will be under-scheduling its staffing demands.

Exponential Smoothing

The third proposed method from the management of the company is exponential smoothing model. It is expected that the management of the company will use this model in order to forecast the demand for 67th week. For this purpose, the formula of exponential smoothing is used....................

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