VOLKSWAGEN INDIA: DAS AUTO, DIGITALLY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


problem Statement

To fulfil the global vision of the company, the company has extended their operations into the Indian automobile industry. Volkswagen expects this move to play a significant role for them in the process of achieving their global vision with respect to their business operations. For successfully identifying the needs of the customers of the Indian industry, the company conducted extensive researches to gain insight into the customer traits and personalities.

Currently the company is facing a number of difficulties in reaching their global vision of expanding their operations in the Indian automobile industry. Gaining a strong and reliable customer base in the region is not easy for the company due to the late entrance of the company in the region. Other companies in the industry have been operating for more years in the region which has adequately helped them in identifying and catering to the needs of the market.

Problem Analysis

Volkswagen aims to become the one of the most acknowledged automobile brand in the industry which will enable them in acquiring a large market share of the industry. The company plans to become one of the 3 top brands in the industry by the year 2018. For reaching this height as an organization, it is mandatory for the company to evaluate their previous performances and analyse the market trends which are to be met by the company in order to attain their organizational goals. The company has to decide their steps with respect to the their product offerings in the highly competitive Indian automobile industry as there is no room for mistake and blunders in saturated market like India. For affectively meeting and attaining their organizational goals, the company will be required to satisfy the needs of the customers of the diverse Indian Market which is classified further into segments. The market segment of the industry is totally different from each other and have nothing in common which is then again increasing the difficulties for the company. For achieving their desired goal, the company is required to meet the expectations of these entirely different segments with their offered products.

Volkswagen efficiently has realized the potential in the Indian automobile industry and has entered the Indian market. The company does not have the first mover advantage in the industry; in fact it is the last of international manufacturers to enter the Indian automobile industry which has shifted their aim from gaining a higher market share to attracting people from other brands to their offerings which is more difficult in comparison.

The company has various products under their portfolio, despite their large portfolio the company cannot rely on their products offerings totally as they would be required to efficiently craft a marketing strategy that would integrate the company’s vision to the target market of the company. With their marketing strategy the company has to proficiently reach out to the different segments of the market, which would enable them in catering to the diverse needs of the customers belonging to different and diverse market segments.


Analyses of the company’s performance in contrast to their performing potential will enable the company to gain access valuable information regarding their own organization and the industry in which they have initiated their business operations with an intention to satisfy their global vision.................

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