TESCO’S VIRTUAL STORE:From South Korea to the United Kingdom Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Tesco has been providing its customers with an efficient amount of services and products against their paid prices. The launch of Tesco’s virtual store in London heavily depends upon the economic conditions of the territory. The economic condition of London is ideal for the launch of the virtual superstore as the economy of London is on a growing trend. The economic trends of the country are on growing patterns and the company can benefit from the economic situations of the country.

The law and order situation of the country isstable and the law enforcing agencies are well powered to force their policies over the country. The country has a stable political situation with 0% of extremist activists groups in the country.

Immense competition lies in the market of United Kingdom. A number of competitors exist in the market of United Kingdom. Tesco will have to evaluate itsstrategies efficiently and tailor them according to the market of UK in order to gain an adequate market share in the industry of retailers in the market of United Kingdom. Rivalry in the market of United Kingdom is high.


The location of the store will have huge influence over the growth of the organization. The location of the store has huge impacts over the revenues and the profits of the store as well. Tesco must evaluate the location of its stores efficiently in order to create a market for its products. The success of TESCO’s virtual store in Korea has reached its headquarters in United Kingdom and the management is convincingly thinking of launching its virtual store in United Kingdom.

The markets of South Korean are vastly different from the market situation of United Kingdom. The company might face consequences if it adopts the same strategy, which it had adopted for South Korea. The similarities and the differences amongst these two markets will have to be analyzed by the organization.

The process of analyzing the similarities in the markets of the two vastly different areas must be done efficiently in order to meet the organizational requirements of the company at the time of launching their virtual store in United Kingdom...........


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