Evaluative Essay on Social Problems Case Solution

There are so many social issues in the United States which are creating other problems in the American society. Furthermore, these issues are also creating trouble in life of thousands of people in the region. However, these issues also have a significant impact on the economy of the region. Apart from that,these problems are also creating other problems which are interlinked with them.

These numerous issues include Health care, education, unemployment, difference among men and women, environment and climate change, illegal immigration, discrimination and racism, honest and responsive government, political freedom, sustainability, reliable energy resources and better transportation system. (Village, 2016) (Part, 2016)

Apart from this, there are also some issues which are more deadly than the above discussed issues.

Furthermore, these issues are also negatively affecting the American economy. Apart from that, these issues sometimes demotivate people,which are also the part of the economy and due to this, the performance of the people deterioratesas a result, the economy gets affected negatively.

Furthermore, these services areeasily available for people as, most of the agencies which are providing these typesof services are normally NGOs and other welfare agencies, which provideservices free of cost.

Lastly, there are some agencies in the region which are working on these issues and trying to resolve or to minimize these problems to the extent possible. However, in this study, the analyst will stick towards Florida and try to figure out agencies in the region.

Domestic Violence prevention Agencies in Florida

            There are several agencies working to prevent people from domestic violence however,the analyst took Florida Coalition against Domestic Violence (FCADV) as, the agency is working and fighting from domestic violence since, 1977. Moreover, the agency has 42 domestic violence centers, which provide training to women to prevent them getting affected by domestic violence. Finally, the agency also organizes events in which it provide counselling and awareness about domestic violence. (FCADV, 2016)

            Moreover, the services of the company can be availed by just calling their toll free number or visiting their offices which have been spread over 42 locations across Florida. Moreover, for emergency assistance, the toll free number can also be used which has been given on the website of the agency...............

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