Tata Communications’ Acquisition of Tyco Global Network (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the year 2004, Tata Communications (TCL) was attempting to act and decide on its strategic intention or purpose to become a worldwide connected network provider.It comprised of two distinct choices: build or buy. The build option would assist TCL with an opportunity to make its own network under its own terms. The potential acquisition of the Tyco Global Network (TGN), however, provided a unique opportunity for TCL to build this international standing immediately. As one of the biggest global networks during the time of the case, the TGN was a limited advantage. TCL would be catapulted by the acquisition of the TGN into being a top player in global Internet connectivity. Though the acquisition price was low, risks and the related liabilities could make this a significantly expensive acquisition for TCL.

Should TCL and Tyco negotiate? If yes, what is an okay position to continue with all the deal? How should TCL plan for the mitigation of hazards and uncertainties? If not, what is the impacts of losing the TGN opportunity, especially if it was got by a competitor?

Tata Communications Acquisition of Tyco Global Network (A) case study solution

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Tata Communications’ Acquisition of Tyco Global Network (A)

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