Vocera Communications Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case provides an overview of the startup, which has decided to sell its solutions exclusively through indirect channels, now through resellers (VAR), and, in the future, through resellers and system integrators (SI). In the event, we will discuss why the company has chosen a channel strategy, as management has developed its marketing, product development, pricing and sales channel scheme, the steps the company has committed to build its VAR network, and the cost of creating such a channel. We also focus on how the company motivates, supports and evaluates the network. We will discuss issues such as pricing and availability, dealing with under-performing resellers, and funds from the venture community, which traditionally avoids companies that sell indirectly. "Hide
by Mark Leslie, James Lattin, Jamie Earle Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 32 pages. Publication Date: October 23, 2003. Prod. #: E152-PDF-ENG

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