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The idea of innovative, personalized medicine is a new idea that will enable treatment for each individual patient according to the metabolism of individuals. However, Vivia collects the samples of blood from different patients and then analysis the metabolism and compound of blood sample, through which Vivia identifies the possible cure of several un-curable diseases. Meanwhile, since the process is based on the sample of bloods from different patients who have different metabolism, hence, the research can provide with the personalized treatment for each individual patient according to their metabolism, which will help in effective treatment of diseases of individuals. Further, the use of the ExviTech© Technology Platform makes the translation of new idea more proven.

Meanwhile, the fact that this idea will provide personalized treatment which will be on the specific needs of a patient; hence, there are brighter chances that the idea will work in future as well. Additionally, the idea of personalized medicine treatment is tested and proven idea, because the idea is based Vivia009, existing compound with the additional factor of the main metabolite of individual patients. However, this idea can further be validated through running a test via clinical trials of the developed personalized treatment idea. Meanwhile, reproofing process identifies the new uses of already developed medicines and Vivia can use this process in order to further validate its new idea of personalized medicine.


However, the market for personalized medicine because the patient always looks for a specialized treatment that will specifically encounter the disease faced by them. Further, the development of personalized medicine is superior than the standard medicine available in the market, because the personalized medicine treatment developed by Vivia, only attacks on the cells that are causing the disease. Meanwhile, this personalized medicine is not harmful to other healthy cells. Therefore, the cancer patient will prefer to use specialized medicine, which leads to better results; hence, the market for specialized treatment will grow. Additionally, since the specialized medicines will be hugely accepted by the market; it will generate a higher cash return. Meanwhile, Vivia can use these excessive cash flows in order to finance the research and development activities for the development of new medicinal products.

Therefore, personalized medicine would be compatible with the current line of business and personalized medicine will effectively be consolidated with the existing line of business. However, since the Spanish market is in leading position in the provision of organs as a donation to the research and development laboratories, therefore there are more opportunities for the development of new medicines and also provide a base for the development of personalized medicine in Spain. Further, the other part of the world such as Europe and United States market is affected by several factors that affect the provision of organs as a donation, which could be used in the research and development of new medicines.


Vivia has a team of well diversified qualification and experience background in research and development, Biotechs. Meanwhile, the management of Vivia also includes individuals with international multidisciplinary qualification. However, the founder Vivia is an MBA and also an attorney of Spanish and United States, which helps companies in dealing with legal rules and regulation relating the medicines. Senior supervisor is equipped with the experience of in pharmaceuticals, and he uses his experience in regulating and supervising the Vivia activities. Additionally, Javier Fernández, who is a specialized in venture capital fund management; his skills of managing venture investment and the development of venture companies has enabled him to effectively develop the Vivia business in medicine industry.

Further, the vice president of research and vice president of pharmaceutical development is consistent with the need of company to conduct regular and in depth analysis of the business development opportunities. Moreover, Management ream of Vivia also includes individuals with expertise in conducting clinical trials of Hematological Center (HC) which helps the company in effectively conducting trials of its developed medicines for the cure of cancer. However, the team of Vivia has achieved several goals and objective of the business such as successful development and launch of Vivia009.

The Deal

However, the development of personalized medicine requires huge investment in research and development of methodologies that will be used in the identification of disease by conducting an assessment of individual’s metabolism and compound of blood sample. Further, the valuation will require cost test the product and validate it for final usage or licensing to the clinic or medical centers....................

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