Vans: Skating on Air Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vans is best known for selling shoes and clothing for skateboarders, surfers, and other alternative sports athletes. In April 2002, Gary Schoenfeld, CEO, is faced with several challenges. As for shoes, he must decide what to do two product lines that are struggling - an open line of running shoes and women's collection. In a broader sense, Vans now proceed to a number of new businesses, some with which the company has little experience. For example, Vans is in the process of moving a feature film, creating his own label, and working with video game developers to develop games based on sports events. Next up-and-down history of the brand in the fashion niche market where consumers are known to be unstable. In recent years, the Director-General, it seems, has revived the brand. However, it is unclear whether the company is in danger of losing its hardcore customer base, as companies in the main consumer of "Hide
Youngme on the Moon, David Kiron Source: Harvard Business School 22 pages. Publication Date: June 22, 2002. Prod. #: 502077-PDF-ENG

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Vans: Skating on Air

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