Business Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Critique of the Business Proposal

The business plan is about a Hong Kong based company BC. BC has been technology oriented company which has been a market player since 2012. The company basically focuses on the advertising technology where it uses Big Data technologies. The company has been investing its human resource on Research and development.

Thumb touch is the major product of BC, which is a mobile advertising platform that started off in 2014. It is a project supported by XYZ funding which has invested HKD$2 million. The management team is led by two co-owners who have been serving as CEO and Sales and Business Development Director. Joe is the CEO and Sam is the Sales and Business Development Director.

The two co-owners are quite well equipped in terms of having more than 10 years of experience in the technology sector. The two of them have been quite focused and have attained expertise which can help BC along with its main product Thumb touch can successfully integrate in the market.

The business model which has been developed by the company is to offer mobile advertising to the potential customers. The research conducted regarding the mobile phone advertising indicates that the percentage increase where mobile phone advertising will become a major force or competitive market where the percentage increase shall be 9% from the preceding year where it was 7%.

Mobile advertisement is growing quite fast as per the research. The number of customers would also increase which is confirmed by the research.

Mobile advertisement in spite being a part of the growing market also has some issues associated with it. It does not guarantee that the reader is the user and he might even read the message or the communication over the cell phone. The time or the investment made on irrelevant users is quite high.

Another issue which is associated with mobile advertisement is that it is a campaign that optimizes the manual where it takes extra time to respond. Another issue is that the campaign setup for the mobile advertisement is quite difficult and tough to handle. IT creates an issue of standard, devices and the screens sizes.

Thumb touch has been a rather different and unique traditional media buying. It is a technology that is introduced to buy the impression one by one using the computer responding at a higher frequency.

Moreover, Thumb touch has also been an Audience Buying where it buys across the multiple channels with not only the local channels but also the international channels and it also optimizes the works. The technology advancement offered by Thumb touch is that it has been using predictive analytic where it has been evaluating the best price point for each impression.

The advantage of Thumb touch is that it focuses on the accurate buying audience. The filter used within the product makes it easier to target the right audience. It also offers smart channel optimization which would lower the cost and it works more efficiently.

This device or service is user friendly where it can be managed easily without focusing on its technicalities. It also encompasses a huge inventory. It is also rich media and rich landing service where Thumb touch creates versatile landing which makes web, map,etc to the Apple Store. It also offers quite a complete and a concrete support to all the channels.

The target customers for BC with its product Thumb touch will be to focus on the in-house marketers, Application publishers and the Ad agency. This is a rather direct and most approximate decision because the customer base by targeting this segment shall increase.

BC is financially quite strong. It has been estimated that the revenues for the company would increase quite significantly in the coming periods where the revenues might reach up to HK$10,000,000. The company can successfully focus on increasing its revenues by offering innovative products. The major shareholders for the company are held by Joe 51% and Sam 49%.Being a self-funded company, BC is a reputed firm in the market.


            As the business plan for BC with its new product,Thumb touch has been planning to offer the customers the technology where it would offer mobile advertising to the customers.

Competitors in the market:

            The major competitors for BC with its product Thumb touch would be Google Ad mob Ads, which is the number one player in the mobile advertisement market. Along with this, another major player or the competitor for Thumb touch would be Millennial Media;Apple’s i Ad is the third largest player which is a sub brand of Apple Inc...............................

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