UBS: Towards the Integrated Firm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

At the end of June 2005, UBS Group CEO Peter Vuffli - anointed "Master Zurich" in the financial press - returned to Zurich from the last three days of the company Senior Leadership Conference (SLC). Pressing the 600 top managers, it features an outdoor SLC events in the former military site in the mountains of Switzerland. Under the slogan of "Understanding, commitment and trust," the team of 100 managers to engage in imitation of six worlds - a metaphor for the different regions and parts of the business UBS. Initial skepticism about the exercise was replaced by enthusiasm for the "stunning" camaraderie that he created. Held over Montreux, Switzerland, home of the International Jazz Festival, the program began with a taped interview with Wynton Marsalis Jazz asking viewers to equate the dynamics of jazz in collaboration with the necessary support for specialist services. Marsalis contrast to Duke Ellington, who has written for the specific talents of the members of his group, with John Coltrane, a master of improvisation. "Coltrane played on the theme:" Vuffli thinking. "It's what we do. We have a vision. We have all our different musicians, and we play in those topics in an integrated way. It makes beautiful music. " "Hide
by Rajiv Lal, Nitin Nohria, Carin-Isabel Knoop Source: Harvard Business School 36 pages. Publication Date: March 30, 2006. Prod. #: 506026-PDF-ENG

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UBS: Towards the Integrated Firm

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