Uber Pricing Strategies and Marketing Communication Case Solution

1         Introduction

Uber Technologies, Inc., is one of the leading transportation service provider companies, which was established in 2009. It is originally known as UberCabs, which is located in the city of San Francisco. Initially, the company started its operations as a private luxury car services that only cater to the top executives of the Silicon Valleys. During this time, if someone need to have a car they contact with Kalanick through email in which they request for the code by that the passenger's access to the apps. Kalanick also identified that the company generates maximum profit from the idling taxis and limousine seats. In order to improve the service level of the company, the management team decided that it will change the concept of technology that will bring both the passengers and drivers together efficiently could gage internationally. Moreover, in 2010, the company used the technology which helped it in changing its taxi industry as well as in becoming the catalyst. However, after a continuous change in the technology, it led the company towards substantial growth and as a result, the company earned approximately $41 billion in 2014.

Uber has faced many challenges in the taxi industry. The company has faced intense competition from the Lyft and Side care companies.

2         problem statement

In today's business dynamics, Uber has placed its competitive position in the taxi industry. However, it has faced intense pressure from the competitors as well as from the government regulations. Most of the competitors focused on Uber’s practices and its surge pricing strategies through that it made its sustainable position in the market and considered as the most reliable partner of the taxi industry. The main issues that the company faced include brand awareness, relationships, and regulations. If we look at the past analyzes of the taxi industry, it is evaluated that this industry is considered as the most dominating players in the large cities of the world. This will make complex for Uber to settle themselves as the most favorite alternative over traditional taxis. Moreover, another problem that the company faced is the regulatory issues that happen due to the remote transportation companies. The regulatory issues include the policies that drivers strictly needs to follow which involves insurance of drivers and commercial licenses plates. In addition, Uber also faced issues with its drivers. Due to the low morale, the satisfaction of the drivers was negatively affected. Thus, it is necessary for the company to maintain its strong relationship with its drivers as it would help the company to preserve its good position in the market as well as stronger the brand position in the marketplace. Lastly, Uber also faced issues in creating brand awareness of its brand. If the company wants to maintain its brand awareness in the market then it is necessary for them to put control on its brand services which would help the company in maintaining its brand's awareness of the products.

2.1   objectives

The objective of the company is divided into two parts. In the first year, the main objective of the company was to increase the company’s revenue over 100%. If we look at the first year profit of the company then it is analyzed that it achieved approximately $200 million, which would take their finale of year incomes to nearly half a billion dollars. Moreover, the second objective of the company to gain number one position in the large cities as well as become the number one transportation services all over the world. The company wants to maintain its high level position in the large cities of United States which includes New York, Los Angeles, Huston, Chicago and Philadelphia..........

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