Uber: Applying Machine Learning to Improve the Customer Pickup Experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Uber: Applying Machine Learning to Improve the Customer Pickup Experience Case Solution

There are various challenges in pickups, including: cultural differences as people in India prefer to call rider to give precise direction to them and to make sure that driver is on the way;whereas in the US; customers prefer to interact with rider through text messaging or Uber app. Another challenge is to ensure that riders are matched with appropriate type of ride sharing modalities, proper and effective communication between rider and driver related to the pickup location, provision of safe traveling experience to the customer and getting prepared to assist in case any accident occurs, meeting the diverse expectations of riders and fostering the safe and compliant environment.

The usage of Machine learning, helps Uber in optimizing its maps and improving its pickup experience for all the drivers and riders. Additionally, the company collects masses of data to makes predictions related to the market demand, coming up with the best routes to drivers as well as responding to address the concerns in quickly manner, keeping itself updated of the changing routes and so forth.(SHARMA, 2019).

List relevant quantitative data:

The ride sharing industry is expected to grow to $285 billion by the end of 2030, and in 2017; the ride sharing company transported 2.61 billion passengers in the US, up from 1.9 billion in 2016 due to the customers’ willingness to integrate ride sharing into their lives, because of reduced stress, elimination of parking hassles, soothing traveling experience and time saving in order to be able to do different tasks while traveling via Uber.

Describe the results of your analysis:

By focusing on an improved customer experience and integrating technology; Uber reported tip line gross booking of 50 billion dollar.The ride sharing industry is shaped by high competition, threat of new entrant, threat of substitutes and high buyer’s information availability and strong bargaining power of buyers due to the strong hailing competition. The modern ride sharing market is augmented by the arrival of high-end technologies and innovation, smartphones and GPS navigation devices. The ride sharing market has witnessed an explosive growth, fueled by the expansion strategy of global leaders.On account of the of the ride sharing industry’s prevalence; the companies need to ensure the affordable door-to-door rides, convenient booking options, reduced carbon footprints and satisfying the travelers’ experience. Even as the ride sharing services gained popularity and expanded; the pickup experience for riders and drivers did not always meet the expectations of the either party. The pick experience is adversely affected by the faulty GPS signals, crowded pickup venues and traffic congestion.

Describe alternative actions:

  1. One of the available alternatives to Uber is to critically analyze the pickup experience of the customers for their personas, in order to identify the issues at various stages of the pickup process.
  2. Secondly, the company could exploit the opportunity of creating a model to predict the best location of rider for the pickup.
  3. The company also needs to develop the quantitative metric, which could evaluate the pickup experience's quality.

Describe your preferred action plan:

Amongst all the alternatives; the company is advised to pursue the option of creating a model to predict the best location of rider for the pickup. Through leveraging telemetry and historic data; the company would be able to have a better prediction of the rider’s location  and incorporate the rider’s profile, date of week, time of day, characteristics of location & historic behaviors of the riders.The. company would be able to build the predictive model of the rider’s location by doing so.If the company applies the preferred action plan then it would able to improve the users’ experiences,have smarter designs, provide  hassle-free traveling with the application of advanced analytics, which could help the Uber in creating more favorable economics and purpose-build solutions.(Russell( Hensley, 2017)............

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