Electric Maze Exercise Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This team-based exercise uses an educational tool called "Electric Labyrinth" developed Interel corporation to teach a deeper understanding of the social and psychological problems faced by employees who have to participate in joint training. The tool consists of a grid patterned carpet with 54 squares implanted programmable electronic sensors, the alarm when the pressure. Instructor of the maze in advance to create the path nonbeeping adjacent squares from one side to another. Because students do not have information on how to get through the maze correctly, experimentation - a systematic iterative process of trial and failure - to develop a solution. Provides instructions for students participating in the implementation and should be distributed only at the beginning of modeling. "Hide
by Amy C. Edmondson, Hanna Rodriguez-Farrar Source: Exercises 2 pages. Publication Date: 08 Oct 2003. Prod. #: 604046-PDF-ENG

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Electric Maze Exercise

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