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Love has been a concept, an emotion, a study that has been celebrated, discussed and most talked about concept from the dawn on humanity and history. The author of the book Barthes, has discussed the effect of love on the mind, in the overall intellect and on the behavior of the person. The book basically dicusses the fact that love do exist as an outpouring of the language. He believes love exist in the most developed form also. It is also an ejaculation and a disclosure that is produced by the lover. There are different and diverse feelings which confirm the emotion that is relation to “I love you”.

I love you – so do I

The element of love and intimacy is all about loving the other person. It has been observed from a long time that people who love each other look to dream about the person. They tend to have some special feeling for the opposite soul and this is the real meaning of love. Love is all about being passionate about the other soul. Intimacy is being close to your partner. It is about making the other person rule you and your emotions.

It is a feeling which brings closer the two souls. Intimacy is to share the inner world with the person you love, and to in fact share the diverse experiences with the other person. Intimacy has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of relationships. Intimacy does not necessarily need words to describe; it can be put into a collective feeling and an expression which can be put together into words which occur quite a few times. Intimacy even allows the sharing of complete range of feelings and experiences where the humans share the sadness, the sorrow, the pain, the happiness with the partner or the person you love.

The author has been quite convinced that love and intimacy work along quite nicely and it all depends on the positivity of the opposite soul. The main concept of love and intimacy is the statement of “I love you”. Until the person or the two partners feel the same for one another the feeling of love and intimacy cannot prevail. It is quite a relationship where the feeling of being loved by the other person is a concept that comes across the three words that is I love you.


I love you has no usages. Like a child’s word, it enters into no social constraint; it can be a sublime solemn, trivial word, it can be an erotic, pornographic work. It is a socially irresponsible word.

Love and intimacy is all about understanding the hidden words of the partner Sometimes the other person does not say a single word, but the other person just responds to the partner. This is all about being in a relationship which has a different feel and a different meaning to the overall concept of being loved and being a partner to the other one also. “I love you” is a theme it is a concept that has been a part of the society and the author has rather explored it in all the different methods of interaction and building the trust and completeness with the partner.

Love and intimacy related to the concept of “I love you” is a relationship where the element of love and intimacy can prevail once the two should find the mind thinking alike for each other. The concept of love and intimacy can only bring in the results that are expected off them once the partners feel the same emotional feel for another. It has been observed that the magical words “I love you” look to engage and involve the two souls together. The concept can only be understood by the tow souls that are involved in a relationship.Love and Intimacy Case Solution

It has been a feeling of love and affection that needs no words. It is allow about speaking with emotions and finding the wave length with the partner and eventually things unfold. The relationship which makes the relation a successful one and something which is preferred and liked by the opposite soul is the fact that the person believes in being emotionally attached to the other person. The author has been quite committed with his approach, he has been quite confident that love and affection, love and intimacy are all the names to the one single emotion that is “I love you”. If a person does not feel for the opposite soul, does not have the emotion for the opposite soul, all the other things that come thereafter are unimportant and do not prevail to the level that it should execute......................

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