Gail Palmer Ashton Graduate School of Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


How the customer sees us?

The customer views the school as the leading education provider, which is providing quality and innovation that will make him professional and will add value.

The strategy set by Dean Watkins regarding such a prospect for the students is,

To have the world's best graduate business education programs (MBA and short-course executive education programs) for developing results-oriented leaders with a general management perspective.

The critical success factors for this strategy will be,

Since the faculty is the one that develops the programs, hence in order to have a world best graduate business education program it is essential to have the world best faculty that possess innovative methods of teaching.

The key performance indicator to this CSF will be,

Number of experimental methods introduced by each teacher compared to the number of success programs.

Feedback should be from students to understand their development.

Innovative test and exam set up for students to understand their level of growth.

Feedback from employers who are hiring passed out students from the experimental teaching method.

The achievement of each single KPI will show that the Ashton School has the world's best graduate business education programs.


What must we excel at?

In order to add value, a company needs to ensure that their process are integrated up to the optimal level and is measuring the right things. They need to know the process which can be improved and must be improved. However, the process that should be improved in the Ashton School is its alumni network that ultimately emphasis on the improvement of the strategy. This strategy can be,

To have an alumni network that is unmatched for its effectiveness and integration in the life of the school.

The critical success factors for this strategy will be,

To operate a successful integrated networking portal for all Alumni and current students of the Ashton School.

Reunite each Alumni batch after a set period.

The most successful Alumni of any batch should be called up as chief guest in any event conducted by the Ashton School.

The key performance indicator to these CSF will be,

The number of reunions conducted by the school and the total attendance of each reunion should be recorded.

Uninterrupted service provided by the portal to entire students and alumni that is no downtime.

Number of complaints received regarding the portal.

To compare of the services that are provided by the Ashton School’s portal to other schools’ portal.

Use value chain analyses to review any flaws in the process.

The completion of these KPIs will show the effectiveness of the alumni network.


How the shareholders see us?

Financial prospective show the expectations of shareholders and what they desire. Shareholders desire high returns from their company, the Ashton School has no particular strategy quoted to show the financial prospective. After that it can be assumed that the strategy to enhance shareholders’ wealth will be to achieve the four strategies set up by the Ashton School; as by achieving these strategies there will be an increase in its market share and by offering innovative programs the Ashton School can charge high fees from the students leading to high profitability.

The critical success factors for this strategy will be,

To achieve all four strategies of the Ashton School to enhance the profitability of the school.

The key performance indicator to these CSF will be,

The increase in profitability can be measured by profitability rations such as,

ROCE, ROE, EVA and Dividend per share.

The comparative figures of these profitability ratios will show any increase or decrease in profitability which will lead to increase or decrease of shareholders’ wealth.....................................

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