Trauma Science Programmes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part – I
Systematic Review and Literature Review
Systematic review is a type of literature review. It is used to summarize the results of the controlled trials and it provides higher level of evidences on the effectiveness of medical interventions. Because, everything is considered in the systematic reviewvery important such as author, methodology, type of study, and type of data, because each and everything can affect the systematic review. On the other hand, a simple literature review is a thorough studyof the available literature on the selected topic. Meanwhile, the literature is reviewed as per the area of topic.
Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure that combines data from different studies, and controlled trials to detect the treatment effect and the intensityof effect. So, it can be determined that a small study has lower chances ofeffectsto bedetected. However, if all these small studies are put together there aremuchchances that effect would be detected. So, meta-analysis is used to identify this common effect that varies by study to study. Furthermore, the decisions could not be taken over the results of one study, or the clinical trials, so validity of the hypothesis, or utility of the intervention could not be based on one single study.

Trauma Science Programmes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
So, the need for synthetization of data across studies has increased, and a mechanism for the synthetization has been emphasized to becreated to combine the data together that could be put into logical and meaningful form, and something could also be extracted since it is in raw form on the surface that needs in-depth attention.So, the meta-analysis is the best statistical procedure that is used to analyze the combined data from two different studies. Also, meta-analysis is sometimes required by the regularity authorities that ask pharmaceutical companies to submit the meta-analysis prior to approval of the drugs produced. This requirement put much more attention of companies on the effect of the drugs when combine with other medications.
Methodology for conducting a systematic review
The systematic review is more important than literature review. So, step by step procedure, or systematic guidance is needed. So, for a systematic review, CochraneProtocol is used to conduct the systematic review step-by-step, and it is also called an advanced plan. Following points are in the protocol:
1. How studies were founded?
2. Reliability and validity of the study is judged on the usefulness of study, and answering the review questions
3. Review Questions: assessment of efficiency of intervention or the comparison due to health problems, and in what type of people, disease, or the problem persist or present. The review questions are also described as PICO which stand for the participants, interventions, Comparisons, and outcomes.
4. Review of title: Intervention for whom, for which problem, or for which population. So, determination of the types of population and types of interventions, and what type of results, or the outcomes are there contributes to the topic.
Part – 2
PaperA“Advances in the Understanding of Trauma-Induce”
Paper B “Trauma-induced coagulopathy--a review of the systematic reviews: is there sufficient evidence to guide clinical transfusion practice”.........

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