Toyota: Service Chain Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In addition to world-class demand and supply chain management practices, Toyota Motor Co Ltd stands in the management of the service chain. Service chain, which the company sees as the key to long term success is responsible for providing the products in the form of spare parts for maintenance and repair, as well as services in the form of higher value, the client receives from the car. Chain service management based on establishing strong relationships with clients, both through the dealer channel and direct. Describes the network, Toyota has created to ensure reliable supply of spare parts to dealers in an efficient manner and the company is actively helping dealers improve their service offerings to customers. It also discusses how Toyota uses advanced technologies such as e-commerce and telematics, to build strong relationships directly with the owners of the vehicles. Focused on the operations of Toyota in Japan and the United States. "Hide
by Hau Lee, Barchi Peleg, Seungjin Whang Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 15 pages. Publication Date: March 18, 2005. Prod. #: GS41-PDF-ENG

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Toyota: Service Chain Management

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