Wipro Technologies Europe (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vivek Paul was hired to run the IT department of a global company that originally sold the oil. Paul was brought on board to develop the Wipro Technologies a leading provider of software services to the largest corporations in the world. He was a native of India, but was educated and worked in the United States for many years. Paul faced a number of challenges in achieving this goal. His immediate task was to attract, develop and maintain key talent. Paul needs someone at the helm who established a relationship of trust and met with employees of the center of Indian Wipro Technologies' operations. He wanted someone who knew the Indian corporate culture and who had cross-cultural sophistication that comes with extensive foreign experience, to be a director of Wipro Technologies Europe. Sudip Nandy was ideally suited to this task. This story illustrates the cultural challenges of transforming the Indian company to raise its global efficiency. Case, we consider some of the methods used by Wipro to achieve diversity in the workforce to create a competitive advantage for the firm. In case of further describes some ideas Nandi for business growth. In the case of C, Nandi reviews more strategy and update the business situation at the end of 2002. Wipro series illustrates the importance of national culture and ethnicity questions, all large corporations do - including their own culture of origin, culture, potential clients, and to the culture of their employees. Cases respond well to the disclosure of Hofstede's cultural models in the classroom. "Hide
by Gerry Yemen, Martin N. Davidson Source: Darden School of Business 7 pages. Publication Date: October 10, 2002. Prod. #: UV3215-PDF-ENG

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