Toyota Recalls (A): Hitting the Skids Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the autumn of 2009, Toyota Motor Corporation revered for its dedication to dependability and quality, confronted a highly publicized series of recalls in the United States representing approximately a year's worth of sales in one of its most significant markets. While the first Toyota recall was met with widespread disbelief but continuing support for the brand, subsequent disclosures and recalls tested the brand's resilience in the U.S. The company's first public answer to the problems - a mixture of silence from top executives and obscure, misleading public statements - frustrated U.S. government officials and the public.

Not until weeks after the news first broke did Toyota arrange a clear message around its dedication to return to quality. He's to determine what to say.

Toyota Recalls (A) Hitting the Skids Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: October 19, 2010 PRODUCT #: 511016-HCB-ENG

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Toyota Recalls (A): Hitting the Skids

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