Top 7 Tips for Writing Thesis Dissertation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Top 7 Tips for Writing Thesis Dissertation  Case Solution


There are many scholars that have worked on different issues and provided an effective piece of work. Research in the different fields evaluates the hidden problems in society and the working identifies root causes, results of the issues and recommendation to sort out the possible remedies for the concerned issue. The areas for the research can be related to the economy, society, psychology, medical, organizations, religion, civilization, culture of the countries, communities of the different countries and much more.

Researchers comprehensively analyze the issue and gather all of the information before they start writing a thesis. Similarly, students also gather information in order to write a thesis for their MBA. Their instructors suggest them that how they should select the particular topic and work on it. There are differences in the selection of the topics for thesis writing. Instructors do not usually allow to work on the same topic in class because there can be more chances of plagiarism among students as well.

In addition, instructors also provide the proper format and all the information regarding thesis writing at the start of the semester. It is usually the final year project for the thesis students. Hence, students are given about six to nine months to complete their thesis. It is a short span of time, but it is enough to start students with writing their thesis. They may explore further after the start up.

Role of Instructor in Writing Thesis for MBA

Writing thesis for MBA is very critical for students. They need to secure good marks in every subject, so that they have sufficient knowledge of the student. Although, it remains very difficult for the students to write a thesis because the thesis is not predictable that how much it can be difficult in between the procedures however,students work hard to attain maximum marks in their thesis. Moreover, instructors in the universities are for guiding students to accomplish their tasks and meet the deadlines, therefore they are involved with the student whenever they need some assistance or guidance from the instructors regarding their thesis.As far as the marks of the students as well as the reputation of the universities are concerned, the instructors give more attention in helping the students write their thesis as the previously discussed factors maintain the university’s name.

 There are different types of instructors with whom students would have to collaborate. Some of the instructors are very helpful, and they want students to be relaxed so that they can understand the procedure of writing a thesis. For this purpose, they arrange meetings with the students. These instructors remain helpful for the selection of topic, suggest different tests and recommend students to choose the different ways to write the thesis. However, there are also instructors who do not want to maintain contact with the students, as they want students to resolve every issue themselves so that they can understand the pros and cons of the procedure.

Hence, students, if feel comfortable with such instructors and can remain hard working throughout their thesis, then they should continue to work under such instructors, but if they feel that they need proper instructions, then they should ask the administration to change their instructor. Similarly, there are many other guidelines with which students can prepare a good quality thesis.

Guidance for Writing MBA Thesis

Following is the guidance to write an effective thesis for MBA:

1.   Structuring for writing Thesis/Dissertation

The instructors supervise MBA students in writing a thesis as the final year project of MBA. As writing a thesis is a unique experience for the students, they remain enthusiastic towards starting it up. They try to structure some plans for taking the initiative....................

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Top 7 Tips for Writing Thesis Dissertation

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