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Ossur is a well-known company and is a market leader within the fields of Prosthetics and in Bracing and Support. The company is located in Iceland and its had quarter is in the Reykjavik city. It specializes in its both operating segments of Prosthetics and Bracing and Support and it has a dominant position within the market. The company is following the innovative strategy and providing a quality products in order to remain competitve within the market.

After the listing on NASDAQ there is a significant growth in the share price of the company and at the end of the year 2014 Ossur’s share price is 17.6 $ with the market capitalization of $1311 million. The investment banks and pension funds insitutions are the major shareholders of the company.

Market Information

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ                             

Ticker Symbol: OSSR

Share Price $17.6

Market Capitalization USD 1311 million


Key Executives

Jón Sigurðsson

Össur President and Chief Executive Officer

Sveinn Sölvason

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Margrét Lára Friðriksdóttir

Executive Vice President of HR and Corporate Strategy

Ólafur Gylfason

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Þorvaldur Ingvarsson

Executive Vice President of R&D

Egill Jónsson

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations

Jos van Poorten

Managing Director of EMEA

Main Owners


William Demant Invest                       Investment Fund         42.1%

ATP                                                    Pension Fund               5.1%

The Pension Fund of Commerce        Pension Fund              8.1%

Gildi                                                    Pension Fund              5.9%

Company Overview

Revenue (2014) USD 509 million

Profit Befor Tax USD 85.939 million

Net Profit USD 59.468 million

Employees 2300

Company Headquarter:

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Business Analysis

The company

Ossur is a global Ortheopedic company. It was founded by  Ossur Kristinson in the year 1971. Firstly the company started its operations as a prosthtic clinic but by adopting the strategy of innovation and through certian acquisitons the company attained a significant growth. The company is operating in two main segments; one is Prosthetics which includes products of artificial limb for those patients who born without limb.

 The second segment of the company is Bracing and Support segment which handles the Osteoarthritis and injury solutions. Ossur was listed on NASDAQ in Copenhagen in the year 1999. Soon after the listing on stock exchange Ossur became the second largest producer of the Prosthetics. Ossur achieved this position through organic growth and through acquisitions as well.

The company launched its first bionic product named Rheo Knee in the year 2004 which provided the company a clear edge over its competitors as the newly launched product became populer within the patients and doctors in no time.

The main power of the company is being technologically advanced and innovative in the market which provided a competitive advantage over its competitors. It is expected that following this strategy will also help the organisation the in future in order to achieve significant growth with respect to reveneue, profit margin and share price.

The company is operating all around the globe and taking the advantage of enthusiastic work force of the globe which helps the organsiation to achieve competitve position in the market. There are arrpoximately 2300 employees working in the organisation. There is a significant portion of female workers in the organsiation which is approximately 44%, this shows that the company has a clear focus regarding the empowering of women which is a plus point for the reputation of the company.

(Ossur, 2013)

Industry Analysis

After the financial crisis and credit crunch in the year 2008 companies have not yet attianed their previous level of customers’ confidance with respect to the product prices and market conditions. Ossur is a a global Ortheopedic company and operating in two main segment Bracing and support and Prosthetics.

Financial crisis affects the overall industry but being a unique business company creates a significant demand by providing the most relevant and technologically advance products in the market therefore, Ossur is not particularly exposed towards consumers are still noticing the effects of a slow economy in Europa, US, Iceland, Asia and pacific. The economy of the countries is becoming stable due to significant decrease in oil prices which also helps the economy of a particular company by increasing the disposable income.

The management of the company indicates that the economy is becoming positive  and favourable for the company in EMEA and US; increase in sales in these regions is a clear signal towards the positive affect of the market.

It is expected that managment should avail the opportuninty of growth quite efficiently be spreading its operations in Asia and Pacific which helps the organisation in order to take the global advantage of the market.

Entering into Asia will help the company’s economic and financial position as there is a low labor wage rate in Asia and there are certain national advantages which help the company in getting National advantage of respective countries. Marketline stated in their consumer goods industry report that they expect growth of approximately 4% in the coming year. Furthermore, it is assume that the average inflation worldwide will be around 2% therfore, the real industry growth is expected to be 2% approximately.

By analysing the current financial report of the company and reviewing the global data of the company it is expected that there is a significant potentail of growth for company in Asia and pacific.....................

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