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Valence in Terms of the Case

Every administrative individual has different value to the outcomes. As some of the administrative staff proposes that Wilkins shall not be considered for the position of the Housemaster and by laying him off would result in better outcomes. However, some of the administrative staff proposed that Jones was waiting for Kane to leave the school so he could be made as the principal of the school and handle matters according to his own methods. Therefore, as the model suggests that a negative valence shall lead to negative outcomes, similarly laying off an administrative staff member would be considered as a negative valence even when knowing that the school’s already is short of staff members.

Is the factor in the case recognized?

The factor of distrust amongst different administrative staff members has been recognized in the case which was the same factor which was recognized by David Kane. David Kane, interviewed with different administrative staff members through a combined meeting and deciphered that every staff member was satisfied with each other and there were no hostilities. However, when David Kane interviewed each personnel individually, then he revealed that there were extreme disagreements with each other. It affected the outcome because there was no collaborative approach due to lack of trust which led towards the violence in the school. Kane identified that the violence occurred in the school was a case of negligence from the housemaster Wilkins because he was busy in managing the schedules for the students in place of the absence of the scheduling principal. The vacant positions in the hierarchy were also causing problems for the High School.

David Kane did not have any difficulties in recognizing the problems in Thurgood  Marshall High School but he managed to identify through communication and interacting with different members. The factor of distrust also resulted in poorly managing the students and limited the communication between the staff members as none of the staff members were in the state of agreement with other members. The administrative staff was also reluctant to share information or look into the exclusive problems until it explodes. These behaviors have led in generating problems to a greater extent which has put the schools long term reputation at stake.

Summary of Findings

The findings of the analysis while implementing the model revealed that there was a lack of trust and grievances amongst the different administrative staff which allowed them to restrict collaborative approach. The findings revealed that there was a very limited effort induced by every working staff, which resulted in poor performance of the school and ultimately led towards poor outcome. The problems that were generated in the High School were the outcome of many negligence made bydifferent members. Amongst those problems, the high rated problem was to avoid problems until they explode. Therefore, efforts were very minimal and the expectations were high due to which Thurgood Marshall High School was about to lose a long earned quality education reputation.


It is recommended to the principal that he shall fulfill the vacancy of job positions which are empty in the hierarchy of the school. The vacancy of top management positions can hamper school’s growth because the decision making burden will only be rested upon the principal. Therefore, this would allow the entire process to run slowly resulting in the decline in the school’s growth. As many staff members have opposed Burtram Wilkins for his Housemaster’s position, David Kane must transfer Wilkins for the position of assistant principal due to his extravagant administrative skills. The transfer is due to the lack of leadership skills in Wilkins which has allowed students to spread violence because most of the students that spread violence belonged to Wilkin’s house. Similarly, Di Napoli shall also be given full responsibility and confidence in managing its house as he is uncertain and tentative in making certain decisions due to a lack of experience. Training shall be provided to Di Napoli in developing leadership skills.

Collaboration and interaction amongst different administrative staff members must be encouraged to allow sharing of information and addressing of critical problems. Any grievances and differences must be shared by the top management and as well as to colleagues so that the school may reach up to certain solution for problems. While considering the security of the staff members, the High school must develop rules for such acts of violence and there shall be close watch on students through cameras and other technological instruments. The punishments shall be strict in order to avoid the further act of violence. These are the recommendations that can be provided to David Kane in order to retain the school’s reputation for quality education....................................

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