Thought Leader Interview: Richard Florida Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dr. Richard Florida has written a book about creativity, in fact, he wrote two. In this interview he talks about why the creative capital is drawn to certain places, the fate of the second-tier "cities, and the danger of our ever Spikey" of the world, resulting in several cities attracts a disproportionate number of what he called creative class. "Florida describes how the creative class is looking for three things in life: work that excites and challenges them, a place to live, a rich cultural life, and the ability to be yourself. "Organization - and regions - who want to attract them, you should take note.
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by Richard Florida, Karen Christensen Source: Rotman School of Management, 4 pages. Publication Date: May 1, 2006. Prod. #: ROT021-PDF-ENG

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Thought Leader Interview: Richard Florida

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