The use of Social Media Marketing and New technologies in Human Resource Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The use of Social Media Marketing and New technologies in Human Resource Case Study Solution

Literature Review

The learning trend is evolving in the market at a greater pace due to technological advancement and adaption of technology into different field and operations by the organization, in order to reduce the cost and improve the virility and effect of certain actions. Since, Social Media and Technological advancement both are the elements of the same channel-The digital channel and the internet, it succeeds in creating greater impact add virility due to widespread. (McAfee, 2009).Globalization has also played a part in integrating the boundaries of the different region though internet.

Due to globalization, and ease of market entry, many organization, have expanded globally, with expanded human resource, since marinating the organizational culture and structure and values is the core function of the Human resource that guarantees the survival and sustainability of the organization.The trend has given rise to the human resource training and development into different regions through expatriates in order to maintain the culture and values of the company. However, the practices incurred additional cost to the organizations, making the look for other operation or alternatives that could maximize the outcome with reduced cost. (Kapoor, 2010).

Technological Progress

According to Friedman (2005), Globalization has been promoted due to the development of powerful technologies that have given rise to ease of management of operations and functions of the organization.With the passing time, the Internet has laid the road or channel of digitalization, giving rise to technological advancement, mobile marketing, and Social Media networking.The technological progress includes the progress from the internet to human resource planning system, which has shifted and transformed the face of human resource management.Also he suggested that due to technological advancement and progress a continuous transition in the technological and digital landscape has been experienced, from the Diffusion of operating systems, the creation of global Fiber-optic network and the creation of Interpol Software applications, which has made the organization to gather and keep every part of its organization in different region synchronized with the central human resource strategy.

Also, according to(Jose.A, 2010), the technological advancement has encouraged the organizations to compete in the global market through synchronizing the information from the different region.It also enables the organization to maintain the knowledge and share the information and expertise with the click of a mouse, making the operations stream lined and management of the talent and skills effective.

Also, due to technological progress, the organization are able to manage the talent pool by entering into the remote area through technological advancement and software development that offer a pool of talent organization and ways to reduce the operational cost through outsourcing the function in the low cost remote are as and then controlling and monitoring the functions through technological help. (Mckinsey, 2005), describes the extent of the technological effect on the human resource functions in the future. It states that through the use of technology and related software, a global data of human resource is prepared, which will allow the HR expatriates to analyze the data and then transform the strategy accordingly, guiding them to design an accurate Human Resource strategy that best fits with the market norms and dynamics.


E-learning in human resource management refers to the learning of the employees in order to resolve the job relate queries pro-actively and also developing such learning system that encourages the employees to develop the knowledge base that accounts for the growth and success of the organization. (jose, 2010), suggested that the learning curve of employees through technological or digital means be it intranet or the internet, allows the employees to manage the job description and knowledge, that helps them in dealing with the daily Job-related issues and operations, allowing them to excel in their field. Also, he proposes that since the size of the organization is increasing and expanding worldwide, the E-learning platform of knowledge in the organizations, allows the organizations and human resource to gather the employees globally and management on the same page at the same level, improving the productivity, performance, ownership, empowerment and Turnover rate.According to (Deng, 2009), the society is shifting towards self-service or “Do it yourself” type of notion, which is also becoming the part of the organization.

The use of Social Media Marketing and New technologies in Human Resource Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Employees are handling their own database and information of the operations, without utilizing the information gathered in the right direction, thus underpinning the core idea of educating the employees in the right direction so to get the best results out of it.E-learning enables the organization to manage the information silos within the organization or outside the organization in global market through implementing such technology or software’s that integrates and synchronizes the information throughout from the organization available to every employee ,without creating information silos and also keeps the employees updated with the latest trend and research in market, leading to high awareness, employee engagement, and high performance and hence productivity and sustainability.

Over the period of time the Human Resource has been searching for ways and technique that could reduce the cost of training and development of the employees, working in another part of the region, and hence the emergence of technology and e-learning platform offered the organization cost effective and impactful techniques to manage the Training and development..................

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