The University of Wyoming Men’s Basketball Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The University of Wyoming Men’s Basketball Team Case Solution


The following case defines the importance of applying the budgeting processes in order to implement the results properly and with accuracy of flow. Similar to the particular scenario, the university of Wyoming men’s basketball team was also considering a projected result from the following year as it would determine the outcome that could be suitable for the revenue optimization.Where Athletic planning committee had the main responsibility to predict the expected outcome from the proposed budget, they however, assumed that $3 million would be suitable for covering all the expenses as well as generate the revenues.

On the other hand, it was estimated that a proper flow of generated results would not be achieved due to the fact that a mix of home based games would not establish the fix matches as it would comprise weekend or weekday matches that could not be predicted to be fixed in a particular period of time. Bill Sparks, who was the senior associate director of athletic business operations, was considering a change in the upcoming event by predicting an established ticket prices, which would generate the fair revenues as compared to the past performance.

In order to do so, the case shows two types of results that would be a reference point to generate the predicted revenues as well as estimated sold tickets. These data show two types of games that had been performed in the past couple of years, the first was the seasonal games, which consists of a fixed event where eight teams of different universities competed with each other. This event was said to be a “main event” in every selected period.

However, the second category was the home based games or individual games which were practice games in which interdepartmental teams within the same university competed with each other. There are two types of opponents under the event, the first is called the conference where if the match was competed as a fight between the rivals, the others consist of the non-conference opponents, where a non-practiced or a general developed team competed with the particular experienced one.

The main focus on adopting the home-based games was to increase the revenue margins as well as re-invest in a team or the department in order to arrange more seasonal games for high profit margins through valuable tickets.With all these particular results, it is identified that a projected budget would be performed with some sort of accuracy due to the fact that an average annual results of the past four events would clearly state the upcoming results that would somehow related to the actual happening.

So according to Bill Sparks, it has been analyzed that revenue concessions and the number of ticket sold would be the key variables to access data easily and according to the requirements of the budget. Thus, a particular simulation model as well as linear regression has been extracted in order to know the expected generated results that would be related to each of the selected variables. Therefore, it is concluded that if such models would be applied properly, then it could be said that the results under the defined budget would be directly proportional to the expected outcome that an athletic planning committee was expecting.

Problem Statement

The main problem under the case was the uncertainty of the expected results that would have an impact over the projected budget proposed by the athletic planning committee, which indicates that if the expected outcome would not meet all the requirements, then it can be said that the department would not cover all the related expenses associated with a particular budget........................

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