Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper- Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper- Growth Case Solution


The Nimble Storage is a hybrid growing data storage System Company situated in Silicon Valley. The CEO of the company is Suresh Vasudevan, and the Vice President of the HR department is Paul Whitney. The company's purpose of developing the hybrid system, which is used in flash memory (It is a storage memory that leads to rapid access to random data) and hard disk to increase the performance of the company at the competitive prices offered to the customers in order to give the efficient and the flash storage platform.

The case analyzes the past performance of the company and the talented hiring of the personnel by Whitney, where the founder and CEO of the company plan to transfer the storage world into the hybrid storage system and wanted to achieve the goal to make a billion dollar company within three years. For this purpose, Suresh Vasudevan aimed to focus on both short term and long term key people initiative to measure the results. The company decided to launch the new leadership program named "LEAD" for the sustainable future growth of the company and also effects on the people initiatives to go forward in future.

The objective of the case is to make quantitative and qualitative analysis by identifying the issues, providing solutions to the problems, and providing an alternative for the growth and evaluating and choosing the best alternative and provide an implementation plan.

Define the issues/Problem statement:

The company has finished its second full fiscal year of storage on January 31, 2013, which provided the great opportunity for reproducing its core values, reviewed the success over the last years and also the strong personnel who made it possible. The company always aims to deliver the world’s most efficient way of data storage by target the broad range of enterprise applications with the goal of optimizing in many factors such as performance efficiency, capacity efficiency, data protection and dramatic simplicity.

Problems/Issues and its solutions:

In order to stabilize the performance, the company faced many potential problems and issues in producing the product and also HR-related issues faced by Whitney.

The first problem was related to the health of the customers' network that led to the unusual high temperature in the data center. The company is now organizing the data center in order to convince the customers to the belief that will help to solve the range of problems in one single platform.

The second problem was the business team was not effective due to lack of motivation and employee turnover, it as one of the biggest challenge that company was facing in last nine months. So, the business wanted to improve its values by making the business by conducting two ways process with the two-sided as the same coin. It would result in the powerful feedback and result oriented of employees, which will result in employee retention and run the business with the order of framework and program perspective.

The company was facing the hiring issue as they wanted to maintain its culture and status quo, the company needed to change the paid time off/personal time off PTO policy in fifteen days, the company wanted to increase the length of services, and they tested the idea but not preferred by the company. Therefore, the employees wanted a favor, and the company made the PTO flexible and unlimited sick leaves and holidays for employee retention.

Suresh Vasudevan had talked about the cultural openness and transparency in sharing the information to the tons of people via any social website, such as Facebook and Google. The company estimates that the openness will be challenging to measure as the hidden information would be exposed publicly...............

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