APPLE’S FUTURE- CARS & TV MARKET Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Apple’s Future- Cars & Tv Market Case Study Solution 


The case illustrates the next initiatives of the Apple Corporation, to raise its brand portfolio after the death of Steve Job. Tim Cook, the successor of Steve, is developing a strategy to tap into the different markets to lead other segment as well. Under the consideration, there are three categories/market Cook is aiming to target, namely Smart Watches, Cars and television.These three categories have immense market growth and opportunities along with high level of uncertainty.In addition, Apple faces fierce competition from other players in market that have entered these market category (Samsung, Motorola, As us).However, in Smart watch industry the company has gained tremendous sales growth in the initial years, yet the future strategy for the smart watch, television and cars has to be made, considering the market cycle and competition in the industry.

Keywords:  New Markets, Culture, Organizational Structure, Business strategy


Apple’s Future


Background and Overview

Apple started the business in 1976 as a computer company, soon after its success in the particular region, it expanded into an intricate organization that excels in technology, and no just technology, but technology with style. Over the period of time, the company has incorporated style, user interface and design as the key core value proposition of the brand, be it a Macintosh, tablet or an iPhone.

Apple joined the phone industry in 2007 and created a unique market position,targeting the niche segment. Over the time, the company increased the offerings in different region while keeping the prime focus to Niche Market. Since its birth, the company has focused to offer the consumer goods. It drastically entered into the music market, and transformed the total game by launching iPod in 2001.

Recently, the company has landed into another segment of smart watches to integrate the traditional watch wearing trend with the smart technology and style to offer the consumers ease and style together. Though, the company is the top richest company of 2014, it aims to expand its function in different markets.E: g, Cars and Television to offer the ease and integration of every consumer goods with their IPhone. The strategy depicts the reinforcement of iPhone, by making it an integral part of the life of consumers, through smartphone, to a watch and to a home theater and then a car. Also since the industry of car and theater has growth and potential, apple is seeking to jump into Other Ocean in order to gain more profits and sales. Since the two markets have already Google(self-driving cars) and Samsung( HD smart TV), Apple is looking for a flanked strategy to enter the market, yet the constraint of uncertainty remains there in the organizational strategy of Apple while entering these markets.

Cascade of Choices

Apple’s Winning Aspiration

The company has strong customer base with retained loyalty. Since Apple is a customer goods company, it aims to bring ease and convenience to the life of customers.In doing so, for instance the average person unlocks his. /her iPhone 100 times a day,which distracts the attention of person from work or any other interaction.So the company devised a smart watch, exquisite in style and technique to notify the consumers about general notifications, which could be seen through watch glass without distracting from work.

Also since the prices of cable is rising every years, the company aims to offer the IPhone users an ease and convenience like Netflix, in which they could watch the Channels through subscription with high integration with the phone and Tablet.Though Samsung Panasonic and LG are already offering the Smart TVs, Apple aspirations to integrate the whole life activities of the consumer through one button.

Moreover, since the market of Cars and TV has the potential and growth deduced by the entry of major players like google to make driver-less cars, Apple also aims to lead the market by offering a combination of driver less car technology with ease and exquisiteness through an integrated synchronized channel.

Apple Play Area

Currently, the company plans to target the existing market of IPhone users and Apple customer base, due to strong loyalty and brand affinity.In addition, since the company also aims to enter the TV market, it plans to undercut the cable and dish players through low subscription,prices and alliance with big channel like Disney and HBO to sell their content to Apple. Also, in tapping the Car industry, the company plans to target the US citizens with Tesla- hybrid driver less car, integrated into different channels of Apple like (iPhone, iPod, Macintosh and tablets to increase the convenience and ease).

APPLE’S FUTURE- CARS & TV MARKET Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Winning Strategy

The value proposition of Apple is its innovation based business strategy, which offers ease, convenience, uniqueness and high integration in daily life of the consumer. From its phone to its Macintosh, the company reinforces its value proposition by offering high end synchronization of all the daily activities through a centralized point. The winning strategy of Apple, also includes the exquisiteness and the complete solution it offers through any of its product, thus enhancing the customer loyalty............

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