The Strategic Management of Irrationality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Numerous studies have shown that people prefer smaller, sooner 'payments on more later' wins at smaller payments are inevitable, ie, when used "less" is pretty close to right now. However, if both payments in the distant future, people prefer more gain, although the time lag from the smallest to the largest gain is the same as before. other words, something that makes people turn around "their preferences. author argues that this human tendency - called hyperbolic discounting - are equally distributed in the senior management teams, and that it manifests itself in different types of behavior, including itching, biases, misconceptions, sales and utopian dystopias "" Hide by Mihnea C. Moldoveanu Source: Rotman School of Management, 5 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2010. Prod. #: ROT104-PDF-ENG

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The Strategic Management of Irrationality

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