The P&G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The P&G Case Study Analysis

Technical issues, cultural issues, security and legal implications of data location.

Currently, P&G is confronted with number of issues such as technical issues, cultural issues, and legal and security implications of the data location due to the geographic expansion. Taking under consideration the geographic expansion strategy of the company and its consistent attempts to bring initiatives to the international markets; the company has become more prone to a number of issues on account of the reason that the globalization demands that the company should store the data or information in the geographic location of its own choice. Similarly, Procter and gamble also adopted the localization strategy in order to develop the right marketing mix(THOMAS H. DAVENPORT, 2013).

A number of evolving threats related to the information security including advanced persistent cyber security threats, tend to pose a serious threat to the security of the supply chain, networks, and systems as well as to the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data and of the critical business operations (Kerry, 2019).

There is a high risk of the cyber-attacks in the data secured in different database across various countries. The cyber security is connected to the understanding of the concerns & issues of the diverse cyber-attacks as well as devising defense strategies that preserve the availability, confidentiality and integrity of digital and information technologies. (Officials, 2020).

Additionally, there is an increased number of cultural issues of the data localization strategy, because of the fact that the employees’ behaviors of employee depend on the culture and the country they belong to, which has a direct bearing on the threats that the data has been exposed to. Besides the cultural issues of the data localization strategy; there are some legal issues as well, which include: information sovereignty, vulnerability interdependence and an extraterritorial application of national laws, intellectual property protection and so forth.(Drake, 2016).

The importance of the “one truth” for decision making are all considered, and more

Over the period of time, the leaders as well as the managers of the company, assessed the significance of the “one truth” for decision making as the company-wide or single database played an effective role in aiding the company’s decision making process. Also, the performance is expected to be better with single database as it provides convenience and ease in terms of management through server(Wright, 2020).

With the company-wide or the single database; each dataset is portable and isolated, and provides a range of the compliance features and built-in security to help the application in meeting various compliance and security compliance. Also, it reduces the duplicate data and helps in creating an environment in which the users have a better access to compare & -manage information or data in a much better way. Such access allows the users to respond quickly to the environmental changes (Wright, 2020)


The leaders in P&G agree with the approach of using the data analytics, big data as a means of the information governance to reduce risk and improve compliance, increase business agility through an improved decision making and to increase the profitability through shortened cycles of sales.

The key findings is that the companies either operating as consumers goods provider or healthcare providers, give a considerable amount of significance to the use of the business analytics and big data to enable a much faster as well as facts based process of decision making. The data driven organizations leveraged in terms of better strategic decision, improved customer satisfaction, high operational efficiency as well as robust revenue and profit levels. Almost each and every company worldwide, is adopting Data analytic approach which enables the businesses to drive customer-oriented decisions and explore the new business opportunities. The companies are also using the customer insights to remain competitive in the market by shaping their solutions and products and buying experiences.(Singh, 2018)................................


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