Ritz Carlton Hotel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case illustrates the strategic planning of the Ritz Carlton hotel and its trainingtechniques to deliver the full satisfied services to the customers.From the initiation, the company focused to offer the high quality service and structure of the hotel to cater the different markets and develop a global brand image of offering the high quality service.The company under the leadership of JamesMcBride- General Manager has to open a new hotel, since the company practices 7 days training practice in maintainingall the hotels worldwide, anddelivering the service, Collins is curious if the 7 days training will serve the right level of service in the new hotel opened in Kuala Lampur or will it gradually built upon the values and culture maintained in all the other hotels of the companyworldwide. Though this seems impossibleat the current moment. However, the company has maintained thequality of service offered to the customer’s in other hotels through same model.Hence the rate of success seems to be high by implementingthesame program in new hotel.
Keywords: Culture, values, Organizational training, employee ownership

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ritz Carlton is luxury hotel initiated in late 80s with an aim to offer the luxuriousservices to the customers keeping in consideration theneeds and demands of the customersso to delight them and hence retain them for a longer period of time. The hotel operatesunder the hold of Marriot group in morethan 26 countries. Over the period oftime, thecompany has evolved its operation by offering market customization and service customization each hotel at different locationalso in order to keep the customers satisfied, and to offer the 100 percent service level, the company developed 7 days training session that trains, orient and guide the new hireson the company; value and culture alongwiththe skill trainings and other technical support to the new hires, which not only sustained the service level of the hotel but also helped in delivering the sustained and uniform services all over the organization.
In recent period, the company under the leadership of James Marwick is planning to open up a new hotel in KualaLampur however, Collins, the substantial investor of the project is curious about the success of seven days training effectiveness on delivering the same service label in new hotel as of others. Though such plan has always offered the 88% occupancy achievement in the previous hotel, however the curiosity of Collins in new market is whether the company will achieve the same service level and customer preferences as in other hotels or will the management has to increase the training period so to right inculcate the values, culture and otherskill trainings into the new hires.Though these arethe thoughts of Collins, James is sure of the success of the plan in the new market too, however, the concern of Collins has to be addressed.

Situational Analysis
The case illustrates the management and brand strategy of the Ritz Carlton hotel.From its initiation the hotel has developed the luxurious brand image in the market and has remained in top selected hotel internationally.It also has sustained its position even in the time of great depression followed by financial crisis.........

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