The Pepsi Refresh Project A Thirst for Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Pepsi Refresh Project A Thirst for Change Case Study Solution

Change in Objectives:

The preferred changes should be made in the objectives of the Refresh project mainly involving the in-depth consumer interaction in order to provide benefit to the consumers with respect to the campaign. The closer interaction of the management with the potential consumer base would significantly result in an increased favourability of the brand as well as the trust of their customers i.e. adding to the higher customer intent to the product purchase.

On the other hand, the management of Pepsi related to the Refresh Project should primarily focus on the incorporation of the actual product in the campaign of Refresh Everything. This is due to the reason that the disconnection between their values and the products is off putting to the consumer base. Additionally, the failure was due to thelack of their focus on the areas that could have been more improved, because of which the popularity of the campaign was not as much as expected in a number of particular areas.

Cause Marketing Program:

Generally, the market leading organizations such as Pepsi should focus on the use of their extensive outreach and the platform in order to positively influence the society. As Pepsi upholds the strength, power and the resources for the accomplishment of bringing real change,but it might not be successful in gaining this competitive advantage of tending to be the best brand. With the fact, the key products of Pepsi do not offer any benefits related to health to its customers, while most of the consumers in America believe that consumption of Pepsi is the leading cause of obesity. Therefore, creation of a more positive image of the brand through consumers’ attraction towards brand and products is not a significant approach to be considered.

Different Approach:

As all the beverages firms in the market focused on sale of carbonated products, the target market of Pepsi was not differentiated. Pepsi shouldtargeta specified target market althoughmost of the consumer base included millennial. Thereby, the increased concern of towards organic foods allows Pepsi with the opportunity to shift its use of sweeteners towards organic sweetening sources to eliminate the risk of obesity in children as well as adults. Similarly, Pepsi should go for product’s improvement in the international market,to expand its services in countries other than America where it could generate more income as compared to the USA.


In the 21st Century, the key challenges faced by Pepsi in the United States are the decrease in the consumption of soda, and2 obese adultsout of every 3 adults in America resulted in decline in sales by 5 percent. Additionally, the organization has invested $20 million of the budget of Super Bowl to support its cause marketing program. Pepsi should continue with this project particularly to strengthen the position of brand in the market.Similarly, Pepsi should focus on the use of their extensive outreach and the platform in order to positively influence the society.



Appendix A –Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi Refresh Project Metrics
Awareness of Program 38%
Correct Knowledge of Program 22%
Changes since the launch of the program
Purchase Intent +4%
Awareness that Pepsi is involved in communities +6%
Awareness that Pepsi is a brand that does good in the world +7%


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