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Discuss the politicalization of climate change in the past few years. What role is the Pope playing, if any?

Everything in this world can have two different ways to look at it. There can be a positive way or a negative way and a political or a scientific way to look at something. The change in the climate is also looked in two different ways; one is the scientific way and the other is the political way of looking at it.

Scientists are of the view that the earth is changing its climate and its environment. Due to global warming the earth is changing its climate. The ever increasing temperature of the earth is making the climate of the earth change. The increasing temperature of earth is dangerous for the human kind. It is believed that most of the adverse effects to the climate are caused by the greenhouse gases and human activities.

Human activities include the emission of gases, polluting the environment, polluting water etc. The other way of looking at the climatic changes is the political view. When political interference comes into play in a matter, there are always two opinions on the matter being discussed one is in the favor of the matter and the other in the opposition (Dunlap, ‎2011).

The party in favor of this matter of climatic change of the earth is preaching to involve in the matter and to work for the issue. However, the party in opposition is of the view that it is a conspiracy or a hoax.

The climatic change is in discussion of politicians since last few years and they are trying to decrease the effect of global warming by making the people aware of the situation and taking measures to reduce the environmental effect of human activities. In the US, it is a matter of discussion in the political arena however,it is a fact that if this climatic change has an impact, then it will not see whether one is a democrat or a republican.

Pope Francis on his arrival to Washington addressed a joint session of congress in which he raised the issue of climatic change and the role congress can play in reducing the effects of climatic change. Pope Francis is an active member of the group who is trying to reduce the adverse effects of human activities on environment.

He is also of the view that the climatic change can be a danger to the human kind. It is important for everyone to know what adverse effects they are causing to the environment. Pope being a person close to the religion respects the human being and knows that God has created this universe and humans are responsible for its care taking. There fore,he is a firm believer that climatic change should be reduced to save the earth and humans from its adverse effects.

Did his letter earlier this summer related to climate change raise additional attention to the issue?

Yes, Pope Francis wrote a document, which was released on June 18, 2015. In this document, he discussed about the climatic challenges, which were faced by the human kind in the past and may be faced in future. The document consists of 183 pages talking regarding the environmental changes and climatic changes, which are affecting the earth.

Everyone is talking about this document however,only some have critically studied the document. Knowing about the ways of effective communication, Pope Francis tweeteda 17 words post, which later on became very popular and was shared by thousands of his followers. In his twee the said “The earth (our home) is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth (Dias, 2015)”.

Pope Francis is concerned about the climatic change of this earth. His tweet stated that people should consider earth as their home as people try to keep their homes clean, they should also look forward to keep their earth clean as well. He wants everyone to consider earth as their home and he says that it is becoming dirtier day by day.Business, Government and Global economy Case Solution

The earth is becoming a pile of filth is what pope claims the current condition of earth to be. Due to immense pollution around the earth it is not reflecting the heat back and it is now absorbing heat, which is causing the earth’s temperature to rise. Pope Francis is on the side of scientists as he also believes that the human activities are affecting the environment. He also wrote a document of 183-pages, which included climate change and its impacts on the environment (Dias, 2015)..............................

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