The comparison of branding Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The reports discuss the branding and advertising strategies of Adidas, it caters to the markets of China and UK in Olympics. Since both countries have different cultures, values, socio-economic background, the company has to devise different marketing strategies to rightly hit the end users and create a relation with them. The advertisement strategy of Adidas depicts the iraim to make target customers connect and relate with them while inculcating the culture and social backgrounds into the product offerings.

Keywords:  Brand building, Perception, Culture, Norms and Value, Adaption, Standardization.


Adidas is a German international corporation, founded by Adolf Dassler in 1984 after the split between the two brothers. The company started by offering sports clothing and accessories like Footballs, tennis balls cricketpads. The group of Adidasconsists of Reebok, Sportswear, Rockport, Ashworth and Taylor made- Adidas. Adidas acquired the major market share in Germany and Europe. It is ranked as number#1 in the above regions while it holds the second position all over the world. Apart from Sports footwear, Adidas also offers the product line extension through bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sport relatedclothing. In 1995, the company went public, followed by the prosperous next year 1996, in which they acquired 6000Olympic athletes from 33 countries.

Throughout the time, the company has continuously evolved its brand image and continuously strengthen its brand perception by associatingitself with the sports events all around the world. In doing so, Adidas sponsored The European soccer, championship Euro 2000 and Olympics.These events immensely elevated the company’s success and stamped the brand image and brand perception in the mind of the consumer.(Adidas Group, 2013)

The comparison of branding Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The company started to sponsor the Olympics first time when the event held in Munich back in 1974.Soon after its association with the sports, the company continued to sponsor the eventsOlympicsaround the world in different countries. Their unique selling propositionis theirconsistency to alignitself with the businessstrategy, which is sports. Throughthe particular consistency and strong brand image, Adidashas been successful in making its strong brand image as the competitive advantage of the company. Also, the adaptation strategy of Adidas, to enter into international markets always proved tobesuccessful.Under the adaptation strategy,the company advertisedits product bycultural and social values each region carries, which turned out to be successful because of strong brand relationandposition.The company used the brand association strategy to cater and sustain into differentmarkets. Thestrategy helped the company to understand and sustain its position by continually increasing market share and the possibilities to increase market penetration(David A. Aaker, 2010).Infact, such adaptation strategy helped the company to land in the Chinese market, whose culture, values and socio-economic background differtotallyfromthe UK and other parts of Europe.

Entry Strategy of Adidas

Adidas has devised its entry strategy for international market by creating joint alliances or partnerships through sponsorship.It offers strong sponsorship to global sports events to enter themarket.Such an example can be seenunderAdidas’s entry into theChinese market by sponsoring the Olympics in China. Also, it creates “third party contract” and outsourcing strategy to enter different international markets(Sebastian, 2012).

International Marketing Strategy

Adidas from the start,followed the Adaptation strategy to enter and tap the new segment Snregions.The strategy allowed the company to create strong association an acceptability while retained thestrongbrandimage. Itenabled the company to analyze the environmental factors, cultural difference language barriers and socio-economic norms.(Aron, 2003).........................

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