The Beer Cases (B): Groupo Modelo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Beer cases are tools for studying the development of the industry in a rapidly globalizing industry. In 2011, the beer industry has elements of subnational, national and global competition. Giants such as AB Inbev, as well as national champions such as Tiger and Tsingtao Brewery, seeking to become the major regional and global players, populated by industry. In addition, industry players use alternative models (strategic approaches) to achieve their goals of national, regional and global expansion. By focusing on the presentation of the strategy's five largest beer companies (AB InBev, Groupo Modelo, Tiger Breweries, Tsingtao, and San Miguel), a set of cases help to illustrate these points. The format used for cases includes classroom presentations in each case, along with a rigorous examination of the instructor, not only to explore the logic of the analysis and the strategy proposed in the presentation for each company, as well as to encourage the class to understand the major trends in the development of beer industry and key success factors for companies that work in the beer industry. The class can be pushed further to connect the consequences of their assumptions about what drives success in the sale of beer, along with their understanding of industry growth trends and factors in order to understand the model of global competition in the industry, and the forecast of the expected results and strategies for major beer companies considered in this set of presentations. Finally, the observations of the beer industry, which is a pretty simple product and industry to understand, can be extrapolated to other industries to see how close they approach the development of beer industry. In addition, lessons can be drawn about how industry pressure affects the four key components of the strategy of international expansion. The product of choice for expanding the market of choice for geographic expansion, the timing of entry and mode of entry "Hide
by Donna Jimenez, Andrew Delios Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 19 pages. Publication Date: January 23, 2012. Prod. #: W11614-PDF-ENG

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The Beer Cases (B): Groupo Modelo

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