Vistakon: 1 Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vistakon: 1 Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses Case Solution

Analysis of Segments for contact lenses

The case illustrates the importance of a particular market segment in eye wear where the continuous technological innovation led to increase the competition among the rivals as well as allowed them to implement the cost strategy in order to make large profits. However, the situation was favorable to Vistakon in the case due to its early moving advantage in adopting the product against the existing dominated rivals. This shows that the company had successfully introduced its new product of 1 day Acuvue lenses to grab the market quickly and to become the market leader in the field of eye wear. Following analysis shows how the company increased its competitive advantage through the use of its new product,  the response from the end users and the competitors in the recent market conditions, trends, and how the end consumers would be attracted by the use of the the proposed marketing strategy of Vistakon.

vistakon case solution

vistakon case solution

Changes in the market trend

From the historical results in the field of eye wear, it is determined that there would still be a tough competition of rivals due to change in the technological innovations and business segments. According to the situation of Vistakon, it is identified that sudden changes would increase the profits of the company by sale ofmore innovative products in the market where there would be a demand for the use of day lenses rather than the glasses. These markets might consist of athletes and other people who prefer to use fast moving lenses. Therefore,if the market trend would change from lenses to use of glasses, then the company would suffer the loss because it would not attract the customers due to high cost associated with lenses instead of using eye glasses.

 End-Consumer segments for 1 Day Acuvue Lenses 

According to the analysis, it is concluded that the company would target three ways to reach to the end users. The first target would be to reach to a contract with aneye contact specialist and develop business relations in order to sell the products to the end users by these ECP. In order to do that, Vistakon would hire the distributors to reach to the desired ECPs and sell its products in order to increase the profits.

The second way to reach the end-consumers is replacing the commercialized eye lenses users to the new day Acuvue lenses, while the third method is to motivate the former users of the previous lenses to use new lenses. These three ways would allow the company to reach to the end-consumers.

Attractiveness of using 1 Day Acuvue Lenses

The key features of using the 1 Day Acuvue Lenses are disposable in nature and thus include the exploitation of the product after the use within a particular day. This means that a user, like an athlete for example, can use the lenses all day long and dispose them off after the day ends. This would allow to save time washing the lenses every day or in a week and to take care of them in a particular period of time. This would also attract the other users like traditional lenses users, who would be willing to upgrade to using Acuvue or the users who areeye patients and prefer to be flexible with their use of the eye wear every day in order to save time and enjoy high quality lenses. While the cost associated with it was not favorable to some of the users because it bears more than the traditional lenses, it has no service at all. With no service of lenses, every user might get attracted it and consider the cost to be low due considering the high quality of the product and dispose every single day of use.....................

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