Youreka Hotel, Amritsar Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The managing of the Youreka Hotel in Amritsar, India, was concerned regarding the overall yields of the hotel relative to large initial investment and the annual operating cost. The brand new five star hotels were up and running and customers had begun checking in, but occupancy levels were not high. The resort industry in India was making double digit margins, but the hotel had not even achieved operational breakeven yet. Of key relevance for the businesses head was selecting the best seafood provider - based on selling price, transportation expenditure and other situations - for supplying the restaurants of the resort.

Youreka Hotel, Amritsar Case Solution

A poor choice might have a negative influence on room occupancy and profitability. Among management, there were also considerations that the precise location of the hotel might be unfavorable. When could the hotel to match the profitability of the business be expected by the businesses head? What could he do to enhance the profitability of the hotel?

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Youreka Hotel, Amritsar

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