How Stella Saved The Farm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How Stella Saved The Farm Case Study Solution

Focus on original Plan:

The responsibility to run the luxury wool business was given to Mav but his vision and thought were not focused. Every factor he saw in any other business that led them to success, he tried to implement it in his business which even had shown a good start but when the time started passing by,these unplanned implementations were making the situation worse.

Difference between planned operation and breakthrough innovation:

A planned ongoing business and an unplanned innovation have a vast difference between them. The planned business is one which is run efficiently by any entrepreneur as he knows the outcome of his single action or decision he takes. However, the innovative approach  breaks the limits if the plan which is to be followed is well-understood under experts’ supervision.

These kind of difference are always observed when you intend to launch a new product in market. One should be aware of all the facts, figures and expected impact it will pose in the market.

Evaluation of innovative project progress:

The progress of any innovative project must be evaluated to know if the approach has given positive or negative results. This can be evaluated by considering a number of important points:

  • Purpose – what is the purpose of your innovation and what type of innovation is it.
  • Plan – the steps to be followed for your innovation project and if it is worth it.
  • Progression – if the things are going as planned or there is a change, if so then what is the change and why?
  • Outcome – to estimate if the output is more than input, which will show profitable revenue. (Jimmi Normann Kristiansen, 2018)

Incentives for Innovation Leaders:

There is a great need of innovation as the era is moving towards digital technology. There are a lot of people who come up with innovative ideas but don’t get good response, which makes them less interested in bringing out their ideas. Every individual should get incentive for their innovative approach. The right incentive for them will be appreciation, encouragement to do better, and provide them with opportunities for better utilization of their vision. (Jung, 2013)

Difference in Reward System:

The criterion to reward any employee of the company is based on the ability of their work and the potential to do better. The incentives given to employees are different for everyone. Not everyone is awarded equally.

Farm Saviour:

In my opinion, the farm is not saved by an individual effort. It involves the involvement and effort of each individual in the farm. But the main saviours of the farm are Deirdre, Mav, Bull and the Rooster (Einstein).


It was mainly the efforts of Deirdre to save the farm. As she had gone through a lot of problems but she did not give up, she kept on finding the right way which led the Windson farm to success and she was able to do so by an idea given by Stella.


Mav is also one of the saviour of the Windson farm as he had the great responsibility to run the Luxury wool business although initially he was not focused but in the end he gave his best efforts.


If bull did not handle the ongoing business it would have been impossible to invest and run the luxury wool business as the investment in the business was done by the income of the ongoing business.


Rooster has also played role as a saviour as he was the one who guided Mav and Deirdre to evaluate the progress of the new project.


It is concluded that the Windson farm was at last saved by combined efforts of the animals working in the farm. It would not have been possible by an individual effort. But to succeed, this story tells us to have a well-organized plan with their expected outcomes......


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