Tank in the Bog (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

November 16, 1996, Doug Crandall, a second lieutenant and platoon commander of the 1st Army platoon, Delta Company, consisting of four tanks and 16 people, was tasked with creating a mobile defense. Their mission was to block the enemy's reconnaissance vehicle movements to the north along the extensive trail network forest Fort Polk in Louisiana. After receiving the order, the platoon had 18 hours to prepare its case. Unfortunately, 30 minutes into the mission, the track on the foredeck crew knocked out stars, requiring the crew to radio for maintenance. Sixteen hours later, the tank was repaired, but 100 meters into the forest, he sank into the swamp. It was just after midnight. The temperature dropped to 45 degrees. Among the heated exchanges radio from his commander and cheerful interaction with leading mechanic who had just spent 10 hours on the replacement tank track, Crandall knew that the soldiers and the situation was his responsibility. He was supposed to keep people safe, to keep control, and find a way to get a platoon of the swamp and get into a defensive position in less than an hour. "Hide
by David L. Bradford, Doug Crandall Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 3 pages. Publication Date: April 3, 2003. Prod. #: L1A-PDF-ENG

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Tank in the Bog (A)

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