Taco Time Dream Grande Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Taco Time Dream Grande Case Solution


For Pattenden, who co-owns Taco Time Canada and its 115 formations with spouse Aarol, they are playing a big part in an aggressive groundbreaking strategy to transform Taco Time Canada into Canada’s biggest Mexican restaurant network.

Taco Time was established in Canada 25 years prior by his father-in-law, Jim Penny in 1933. He was a genuine veteran of the fast-food industry who started working in the industry from 1950s. He had the third Dairy Queen in Canada and the principal A&W in Alberta. Ten years back, he was hoping to escape the nourishment business. At the time, when he was living in Vancouver, working in business land development, he was a proprietor of two or three Taco Time restaurants.

His father-in-law called him and decided to open a taco Time Dream that will rule in all Canada and that will be the biggest Canadian Mexican Restaurant

To spread the message of an 'urban idea' before the current year's end and the promotion push to flaunt its Mexican charge, are both on the menu board for the 23-year-old QuickService restaurant (QSR) chain.

Evaluation of the Marketing Strategy:

The Marketing Concept

The Taco Time is a fast food restaurant, whose parent company is Kahala Franchising (L.L.C) that provides fresh Mexican Cuisine in a homely ambience with fresh food and quick service. Taco Time’s marketing segment is focusing on people who look for Mexican cuisine by targeting middle class and upper-class people. The company’s marketing positioning is providing quick services by specializing its staff and administration through training in Mexican food, which help the restaurant to provide high-quality services.

The business is launching an urban concept of developing new fast food chain, which will require extensive advertising to compete with twenty-three years old QSR.

A situation analysis

The Time Taco is aiming to expand its operations to 115 franchises with the dream of dominating whole Mexican chain in Canadian food industry. The Calgary-based chain of Taco Time required re branding of its marketing strategy to move the chain closer to authenticity. The administration has to put large efforts in order to decide the re branding and positioning of Mexican food.

Jim had the opportunity to develop a Mexican restaurant as a casual, full-service restaurant chain, and fastest service provider. Taco Bell is competing and has number one position followed by Taco Time Dream Grande. He considers that this idea would generate same kind of enthusiasm in his staff to serve fast food and motivate them to serve great quality Mexican food, which is expected from a good Mexican restaurant.

Along with this, the business is looking for expansion through opening 30 more restaurant chains in the next three years, in Western Canada. In order to dominate Mexican restaurant market, Jim is considering in making its presence in Ontario market that would be the biggest element of growth, which would help to expand their presence in new market in capacity of single store

Calgary agency group uses primary advertising of Mexican food through the radio that runs 48 weeks, attracts eighteen to fifty people in each market, and runs the ad thirty seconds on one radio station. Along with this, another available medium for new chain development is the use of print and billboard point advertising...................

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