Saudi Airlines Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Saudi Airlines Company Case Solution


Problem statement

Despite the efficiency of services and on time recognition awards, Saudi Airlines Company had to bear some delays in its flights. The services provided by the airline were adequate, however; the delays were due to uncontrollable events as the weather condition, government operating instructions or Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions. Thus, Saudi Airline appeared to the complaints of the flight delays.

Research objectives

The aim of the analysis is to evaluate the performance of Saudi Airlines Company with which it can overcome hurdles in order to retain its reputation and sustain its profitability.


Saudi Airlines Company was founded in 1945 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It incorporated domestic and internationally. Saudi Airlines Company has ranked as the third largest carrier. Its market share has remained 12.6% by the end of 2012. Moreover, the net profit of airline was 0.40 Billion by 2012. The advanced fleet technology has progressed Saudi Airlines to the path of success. The research studies of Saudi Airlines are the useful tools for the company. The Saudi Airlines analyzed the market research in order to set preferences according to its customers. Moreover, the studies were also conducted in order to process towards different kinds and the sizes of the aircraft. Its fleet has been modernized by the major aircraft producers of the world with the usage of state-of-the-art technology. These fleets are not only the response of domestic customers’ preference, but they are also required regionally and internationally.

History of the organization

Saudi Airlines was started with a single twin-engine named DC-3 (Dakota). It was a gift from the president of U.S Franklin D. Roosevelt to the King Abdul Aziz. The craft has traveled from Jeddah to different countries like Palestine, Lydda and many other countries. Later on in 1947, two more purchases of DC-3 led Saudi Airlines’ travel to the domestic and regional destinations as well. In 1953, the company bought DC-4s (Douglas), which raised fleets to more countries as Asmara, Port Sudan, Kuwait, Amman, Istanbul, and Karachi. As the Saudi Airline Company was carrier of fleets domestically as well, hence, it processed daily shuttle services and local transport to and from Riyadh during 1958 and 1959.

In 1963, Saudi Airlines was officially registered as the corporation by Royal Decree No. 45 and became an autonomous entity. Saudi Airlines is currently operating with approximately 118 aircraft. The fleets are based on Boeing, Aircraft and Embraer.

In 1989, Saudi Airlines Company has received the award of outstanding services at San Diego, California, U.S.A. Moreover, In-Flight Sales Award was also received by the organization in the same year in Florida, U.S.A. In 1999 and 2000, Saudi Airlines was awarded a number of recognitions, consecutively. From the ON Board Services Magazine, it was awarded Diamond Award for the passengers’ special needs, Emerald Award for excellent food services and Sapphire Award for excellence in Sky sales. Moreover, it was awarded with Quality cube award for Lufthansa, Africa, and the Middle East to Saudi Airlines Company. Among the 2000s, it was presented many awards for its quality, services, catering and the most important on time flights. It has recognized its special services, quality service delivery and many rewards in 2010’s series. In 2000 and 2010’s series, Saudi Airlines successively received awards of Quality Cube, Diamond Award, Lufthansa ratings of top ranking, In-Flight Food Service Association (IFSA) and In-Flight Catering Association (IFCA) for special needs of passengers, logistics services, network services and Internet services and many more others for the different countries’ flights. Among the awards, Diamond Award for Autistic Meal; Award of appreciation, Mercury Gold Award for a special meal and Deaf Communication were the consecutive and best recognition awards for the best services of Saudi Airlines Company. Moreover, the First Millennium President’s Award was also an important acknowledgment for Saudi Airlines..................

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