Taco Bell, Inc.–1983-94, Spanish Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Taco Bell, Inc.--1983-94, Spanish Version Case Solution

Details the activities the fresh Chief Executive Officer of the company Taco bell Inc., Josh Martin, who tries his best to lead his company to a decade of revolutionary and incremental changes.
By the ending of the case, overall system sales within Taco Bell, a Mexican style fast-food have risen to a whopping #3.9 billion in 1994 after being only #700 million in 1983. Taco Bell is actually a restaurant owned by the company PepsiCo., and the firm is handling over 10,000 eat-in restaurants and a broad assortment of other retail sites around the world.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS



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Taco Bell, Inc.–1983-94, Spanish Version

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