Suprajit Engineering Limited Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mr. Ajith Kumar Rai set up SEL, (and was assigned with the position of Managing Director), returned as a novel grad from Canada. Foreseeing a boom in the nation's automobile market, Ajith made a decision to set up an automotive cable producing unit. His far-sighted vision assured TVS Motors to invest in establishing Suprajit Engineering as a minute, one-unit business in Bangalore, a fast-growing Indian metro.

Beginning in 1987 as a small scale automotive cable manufacturing company, Suprajit is a public listed company, with a few of the world's biggest automobile companies as customers, products spanning an extensive array of automotive and non-automotive parts, and eight production components. This case follows the inspiring story of Suprajit Engineering Ltd., the case plans to emphasize the reasons behind Suprajit's success, and is meant to show rapid growth strategies of entrepreneurial firms.

Suprajit Engineering Limited case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Suprajit Engineering Limited

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